Spring,2019  Course

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Lectures on Kähler Geometry and K-stability 2019-2-27 2019-5-17 Akito Futaki
  Generalized homology and cohomology theories 2019-2-25 2019-5-17 Thomas Farrell
  Ricci curvature and discrete geometric analysis 2019-2-25 2019-5-17 Lin Yong
  Introduction to W algebra 2019-2-25 2019-5-17 Xie Dan
  Isometric embedding and Riemannian metric 2019-2-25 2019-6-14 Xu Guoyi
  An introduction to cluster categories 2019-2-25 2019-5-17 Zhou Yu
  数学物理中的非线性偏微分方程 2019-2-25 2019-6-14 Luo Tianwen,Zeng Huihui
  Heights and L-series 2019-2-25 2019-5-17 Cai Li
  广义相对论选讲 2019-2-25 2019-5-17 Lu Wenxuan
  Introduction to Yangians 2019-2-25 2019-6-14 Ma Xiaoguang
  Gromov-Witten theory and related topics 2019-2-25 2019-6-14 Zong Zhengyu
  Topics in singularity theory 2019-2-25 2019-5-3 Zuo Huaiqing
  Introduction to the topology of 3-manifolds 2019-2-25 2019-5-17 Jiang Yi
  Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves 2019-2-25 2019-5-17 Li Yongxiong
  几何对偶弦理论研讨课 2019-2-25 2019-6-14 Song Wei,Yan Wenbin,Babak Haghighat
  Statistical Analyses with Missing Data 2019-2-25 2019-6-14 Donald Rubin

Spring,2019  Seminar

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Mean field limit for large systems of particles 2019-1-11 2019-1-11 王振富 Wang Zhenfu (University of Pennsylvania)

Autumn,2018  Course by Members

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Introduction to Random Matrix Theory 2018-10-23 2018-12-13 黄冠Huang Guan
  Geometric Aspects of (2,2) Field theories 2018-10-8 2018-12-12 Mauricio Romo
  Lectures on Chern-Weil Theory and Complex Differential Geometry 2018-9-26 2018-12-14 Akito Futaki
  Weak KAM Theory 2018-9-20 2018-12-14 王林Wang Lin
  Topics in Teichmüller Theory 2018-9-19 2018-12-14 吴云辉Wu Yunhui
  The Design of Experiments 2018-9-19 2018-12-12 Donald Rubin
  Introduction to Derived Categories and Triangulated Categories 2018-9-18 2018-12-13 邓邦明Deng Bangming
  Counting Points on Modular Curves over Finite Fields 2018-9-18 2018-12-14 陈宗彬Chen Zongbin
  Homogeneous Space Dynamics 2018-9-18 2018-12-13 薛金鑫Xue Jinxin
  Derived Functors in Algebraic and Birational Geometry 2018-9-18 2018-12-13 Will Donovan
  Well-posedness and the Long Time Behavior of Nonlinear PDEs 2018-9-18 2018-12-13 王学成Wang Xuecheng
  Abelian l-adic Representations 2018-9-17 2018-12-12 许俊彦Chun-Yin Hui
  An Introduction to Canonical Metrics in Kähler Geometry 2018-9-17 2018-12-12 张蓥莹Zhang Yingying
  Numerical Methods for Kinetic Equations 2018-9-17 2018-12-12 蔚辉Yu Hui
  Analysis on Graphs 2018-9-17 2018-12-14 林勇Lin Yong
  Introduction to Jacquet-Langlands Theory 2018-9-17 2019-1-3 王浩然Wang Haoran, 刘余Liu Yu
  Dimer Models and Representation Theory 2018-9-17 2018-12-12 邱宇 Qiu Yu
  Introduction to Geometric Representation Theory 2018-9-17 2018-12-12 单芃Shan Peng
  Foundations of Data Science 2018-9-17 2018-12-12 梁鑫Liang Xin
  An Introduction to K3 Surfaces 2018-9-17 2019-1-3 吴宝森Wu Baosen, 袁瑶Yuan Yao
  Algebraic K-Theory and Applications to Topology 2018-9-17 2018-12-12 Thomas Farrell

Autumn,2018  Modern Mathematics Lecture Series

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Diffusion of Lorentz gases with flat points 2018-12-14 2018-12-14 张宏坤 Zhang Honhkun
  Generalized Teichmüller Spaces, Spin Structures and Ptolemy Transformations 2018-11-23 2018-11-23 葉智皓 Ivan Ip

Autumn,2018  Seminar

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Controllability from Measurable Sets and Its Application to Optimal Control Problems 2018-10-12 2018-10-12 Zhang Can
  Geometric Representation Seminar 2018-10-12 2019-1-18 Shan Peng
  K3 surface and cubic fourfold 2018-10-9 2018-10-19 Zheng Zhiwei

Autumn,2018  Short Course

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Some topics in causal inference 2018-12-21 2018-12-28 李欣然 Li Xinran
  Identification and estimation of effects with dynamic treatment assignments 2018-12-21 2019-1-4 Per Johansson
  Advanced topics of causal inference 2018-12-4 2018-12-25 丁鹏 Ding Peng
  Lectures on Ricci Solitons 2018-10-19 2018-11-14 曹怀东 Cao Huaidong
  Holomorphic approximation: from weierstrass and runge to mergelyan 2018-10-16 2018-11-7 John Erik Fornaess, Jujie Wu
  An introduction to blockchain technology 2018-10-16 2018-12-4 应翔Ying Xiang
  Micro data econometrics 2018-10-15 2018-11-14 Per Johansson
  Metric geometry, hyperbolic geometry and Teichmüller spaces 2018-10-8 2018-12-11 Athanase Papadopoulos
  Abelian Varieties 2018-9-18 2018-11-15 Gerard van der Geer

Spring,2018  Course by Members

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Lectures on Kähler geometry and K-stability 2018-4-11 2018-6-15 Akito Futaki
  Representation theory of p-adic reductive groups 2018-4-9 2018-6-14 Xu Bin
  线性及非线性波 2018-3-27 2018-6-14 曾惠慧
  Introduction to conservation laws 2018-3-9 2018-6-15 Luo Tianwen
  Singularities in birational geometry 2018-3-8 2018-6-14 Zuo Huaiqing
  An introduction to Cohen-Macaulay representations 2018-3-7 2018-6-15 Zhou Yu
  Topics in low dimensional topology 2018-3-6 2018-6-14 Tian Yin
  广义相对论选讲 2018-3-6 2018-6-15 卢文轩
  Brane dynamics and supersymmetric gauge theories 2018-3-6 2018-6-8 Rak-Kyeong Seong
  PDE-based methods in image processing and data analysis 2018-3-6 2018-6-15 Shi Zuoqiang
  Introduction to algebraic surfaces 2018-3-6 2018-5-31 Wu Baosen
  偏微分方程引论2 2018-3-6 2018-6-12 于品
  Topics in semilinear elliptic PDEs 2018-3-5 2018-6-14 Chen Zhijie
  Global minimizing methods in dynamical systems 2018-3-5 2018-6-12 Wang Lin
  6d superconformal field theories and their compactifications to lower dimensions 2018-3-5 2018-6-15 Babak Haghighat
  Introduction to Hecke Alegbra 2018-3-5 2018-6-12 Ma Xiaoguang
  Smoothings and controlled topology 2018-3-5 2018-6-13 Thomas Farrell
  An introduction to Kontsevich’s characteristic classes for higher dimensional sphere bundles 2018-3-5 2018-6-13 Jiang Yi
  Topics in algebraic number theory 2018-3-5 2018-6-13 Cai Li, Liu Yu
  Modular forms from the algebraic geometric point of view 2018-3-5 2018-6-14 Chen Zongbin
  Discontinuous Galerkin methods 2018-3-5 2018-6-13 Du Jie
  Introduction to Waves in Random Media 2018-3-5 2018-6-14 Jing Wenjia

Spring,2018  Distinguished Lecture

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Loo-Keng Hua Distinguished Lecture 2018-4-3 2018-4-13 Laurent Fargues

Spring,2018  Modern Mathematics Lecture Series

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Mass formula for Shimura curves 2018-6-29 2018-6-30 盛茂 Sheng Mao

Spring,2018  Seminar

Spring,2018  Short Course

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Critical Thresholds, Entropy and Structure-preserving Algorithms 2018-5-16 2018-5-29 Liu Hailiang
  Geometry of quasi-Fuchsian manifolds 2018-4-25 2018-5-16 Greg McShane
  Integrable Geometry: Curves, Surfaces and Flows 2018-4-11 2018-6-20 Franz Pedit
  Complex hyperbolicity 2018-4-9 2018-6-6 谢松晏 Xie Songyan
  Stability conditions and cluster varieties from surfaces 2018-4-3 2018-4-26 Dylan Allegretti
  Aspects of String Geometry 2018-4-2 2018-4-25 George Papadopoulos
  Pseudorandom graphs and the Green-Tao theorem 2018-3-27 2018-3-29 Yufei Zhao
  Introduction to the h-principle 2018-3-7 2018-3-28 Bernhard Hanke
  K-stability for polarized manifolds and the geometry of test configurations 2018-2-28 2018-3-30 Toshiki Mabuchi

Summer,2018  Seminar

Title Start Date End Date Instructor

Summer,2018  Short Course

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Canonical Kähler Metrics on Fano Manifolds 2018-9-4 2018-9-20 Toshiki Mabuchi
  On S.-T. Yau's pseudonorm project 2018-8-21 2018-8-30 Toshiki Mabuchi
  Introduction to p-adic Hodge theory 2018-8-7 2018-9-6 王浩然 Wang Haoran
  Analytic methods in algebraic geometry 2018-8-2 2018-8-30 肖建 Xiao Jian
  Affine Lie Algebras and Superalgebras 2018-7-31 2018-9-20 Yuval Flicker
  Black Hole Stability 2018-7-23 2018-8-8 Jordan Keller
  Counting curves in algebraic geometry 2018-7-23 2018-8-22 周杨 Zhou Yang
  Arithmetic stability in p-adic towers of global fields 2018-7-17 2018-7-18 万大庆 Wan Daqing
  Convergents of Simultaneous Approximation 2018-7-17 2018-8-2 张翼华 Yitwah Cheung
  Information Geometry: Introduction and Advanced Topics 2018-7-11 2018-7-19 张俊 Zhang Jun
  Quasiconformal and harmonic maps on surfaces 2018-7-9 2018-7-30 罗峰 Luo Feng
  Computational Conformal Geometry 2018-7-8 2018-7-29 顾险峰 Gu Xianfeng
  Introduction to Geometric Analysis 2018-7-3 2018-7-31 王丽涵 Wang Lihan
  Introduction to affine Springer theory 2018-7-3 2018-8-2 迟敬人 Chi Jingren
  Reinforced random walk 2018-7-2 2018-7-30 曾小林 Zeng Xiaolin
  Renewal process and random walk 2018-7-2 2018-8-2 陈昕昕 Chen Xinxin
  Analysis Mini-course Series 2018-6-26 2018-8-30 兰洋,张瑞祥,邓煜,金龙,陈大卫,王健,Dietrich Hafner,朱晖,孙晨旻
  Introduction to planar algebras 2018-6-20 2018-7-13 刘正伟 Liu Zhengwei
  Introduction to Riemann surfaces and algebraic curves 2018-6-19 2018-8-14 季理真 Ji Lizhen
  Topics in Complex Geometry 2018-6-15 2018-9-14 刘克峰 Liu Kefeng
  Introduction to Bridgeland Stability Conditions 2018-6-4 2018-8-9 范祐维 Yu-Wei Fan
  Modular and automorphic forms & beyond 2018-6-4 2018-7-18 Hossein Movasati
  Cluster Duality and Canonical Basis of Grassmannian 2018-6-1 2018-6-28 翁达平 Weng Daping
  Recent progress on pointwise convergence of Schrodinger equations 2018-5-29 2018-6-7 李晓春 Li Xiaochun
  Moduli Spaces, Geometric Invariant Theory and Birational Geometry 2018-5-9 2018-8-2 胡毅 Hu Yi

Autumn,2017  Course by Members

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Invariant metrics on negatively pinched complete Kahler manifolds 2017-11-24 2017-12-6 Shing-Tung Yau
  Superconformal field theories in various dimensions 2017-10-9 2018-1-5 Babak Haghighat
  Topics in mathematical physics- supersymmetry 2017-10-9 2018-1-3 Li Si
  Introduction to Teichmüller theory 2017-9-19 2017-11-23 Wu Yunhui
  Bundles over Complex Tori and Abelian Varieties 2017-9-19 2018-1-2 Yuan Yao
  Geometry and topology of singularities in algebraic geometry 2017-9-19 2017-12-1 Zuo Huaiqing
  Tensor categories and 2d topological orders 2017-9-19 2017-10-17 Kong Liang
  几何、图论和计算机学的关系 2017-9-19 2017-11-15 丘成桐,林勇
  Harmonic functions on Riemannian manifolds 2017-9-19 2018-1-2 Xu Guoyi
  偏微分方程引论 2017-9-18 2018-1-4 Yu Pin
  Introduction to gauge/gravity duality and related topics in string theory 2017-9-18 2018-1-3 Lin Hai
  Equivaraint cohomology of algebraic varieties 2017-9-18 2017-11-17 Fu Lei
  Bundles and Characteristic Classes 2017-9-18 2017-12-13 Thomas Farrell

Autumn,2017  Course by Visitors

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Path homologies of digraphs 2017-11-1 2017-11-9 Alexander Grigoryan
  On the use of evolutionary methods in spaces of Euclidean signature 2017-10-17 2017-11-16 István Rácz
  Siegel Modular Forms 2017-10-11 2017-11-17 Gerard van der Geer
  Introduction to SYZ mirror symmetry and Gross-Seibert program 2017-10-11 2017-12-1 Ma Ziming
  Some application of Hodge theory in Algebraic Geometry 2017-9-20 2017-11-15 Zhang Yi
  Moduli of Stable Curves and Stable Maps 2017-9-11 2017-10-27 Chiu-Chu Melissa Liu
  The Chow norm and the existence problem of extremal metrics 2017-9-6 2017-9-29 Toshiki Mabuchi
  Superconformal index and its applications 2017-8-9 2017-9-28 Yan Wenbin

Autumn,2017  Distinguished Lecture Series

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Chen-Ying Chiou Distinguished Lecture 2017-11-1 2017-11-1 Wendelin Werner
  Tsinghua University Shiing-Shen Chern Distinguished Lecture 2017-10-18 2017-10-25 Claire Voisin
  Tsinghua University Chia-Chiao Lin Distinguished Lecture 2017-10-13 2017-10-17 Yann Brenier

Autumn,2017  Modern Mathematics Lecture Series

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Perfectoid spaces, Riemann-Hilbert correspondence and de Rham comparison 2017-11-10 2017-11-10 Liu Ruochuan
  RC-positivity, rational connectedness and Yau's conjecture 2017-9-29 2017-9-30 Yang Xiaokui
  Solving equations with Hodge theory 2017-9-22 2017-9-23 Liu Kefeng (Presented by Yang Xiaokui)
  On Covering Monotonic Paths with Simple Random Walk 2017-8-18 2017-8-18 Yuan Zhang

Autumn,2017  Seminar

Title Start Date End Date Instructor

Spring,2017  Course by Members

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Contact Hamiltonian Systems 2017-4-25 2017-6-13 Lin Wang
  Topics in Mathematical Fluid Dynamics 2017-4-17 2017-6-7 Tianwen Luo
  Introduction to cluster algebras 2017-4-10 2017-6-7 Yin Tian
  An Introduction to Chern Simons Theory 2017-4-5 2017-6-2 Babak Haghighat
  Topics in geometric analysis 2017-3-7 2017-6-1 Yuguang Zhang
  Moduli space of stable sheaves 2017-3-1 2017-6-7 Baosen Wu
  Quantum enveloping algebras and the q-deformed Fock space 2017-2-27 2017-6-12 Bangming Deng
  Introduce to Relative Trace Formula 2017-2-22 2017-6-7 Li Cai
  Topics in toric geometry 2017-2-21 2017-6-6 Zhengyu Zong
  Introduction to the Theory of Homogenization 2017-2-21 2017-6-6 Wenjia Jing
  Real Reductive Lie Groups 2017-2-21 2017-6-7 Xiaoguang Ma
  Introduction to String Theory 2017-2-21 2017-4-18 Wei Song
  Topics in noncommutative geometry 2017-2-20 2017-6-5 Si Li
  Modular forms from the representation theoretic point of view 2017-2-20 2017-6-7 Zongbin Chen
  Infinite dimensional Lie algebras 2017-2-20 2017-6-2 Daniele Valeri
  “signed” Riemannian metric on manifolds 2017-2-20 2017-6-5 Guoyi Xu

Spring,2017  Course by Visitors

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Moduli Spaces, Geometric Invariant Theory and Birational Geometry 2017-5-18 2017-7-27 Yi Hu
  Introduction to Donaldson-Thomas invariants 2017-5-18 2017-7-13 Yunfeng Jiang
  Picture language in mathematics 2017-5-12 2017-5-31 Zhengwei Liu
  Geometric Finiteness Theorems and their Applications 2017-5-9 2017-5-25 Wilderich Tuschmann
  Classical and Quantum walks 2017-4-25 2017-4-28 Alberto Grunbaum
  Introduction to Gan-Gross-Prasad conjecture 2017-3-20 2017-5-30 Chong Zhang

Summer,2017  Course by Visitors

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Topics in symplectic dynamics 2017-8-15 2017-8-31 Jinxin Xue
  Introduction to Coulomb branch 2017-8-14 2017-9-6 Peng Shan
  An introduction to Birhkhoff Billiards, with emphases on spectral rigidity and integrability 2017-8-10 2017-8-25 Guan Huang
  Information Geometry: Introduction and Advanced Topics 2017-7-31 2017-8-11 Jun Zhang
  Commuting vector fields and dispersive estimates 2017-7-25 2017-8-3 Willie W.-Y. Wong
  Global regularity and asymptotic behavior of quadratic Schrodinger-like equations 2017-7-24 2017-8-24 Xuecheng Wang
  Permutation Puzzles and Diameters of Groups 2017-7-12 2017-9-7 Yilong Yang
  Branching processes and Martingales 2017-7-5 2017-8-16 Xinxin Chen
  An introduction to Anosov representations 2017-7-4 2017-7-27 Tengren Zhang
  Introduction to Riemann surfaces and their moduli spaces 2017-7-4 2017-8-29 Lizhen Ji
  Introduction to complex L-functions and the Deligne conjecture 2017-7-3 2017-7-28 Jie Lin
  Introduction to p-adic L-functions and Iwasawa theory 2017-7-3 2017-7-28 Li Ma
  Markov Chain, Martingale and Introduction to Lattice Models 2017-7-3 2017-8-30 Hao Wu
  Renormalization Approach to the Littlewood Conjecture 2017-7-3 2017-7-31 Yitwah Cheung
  Topological field theory in two dimensions, modular operads, and homotopy theory 2017-6-26 2017-7-19 Ezra Getzler
  An introduction to the Strominger system 2017-6-20 2017-7-4 Mario Garcia Fernandez
  Computational Conformal Geometry 2017-6-8 2017-8-10 Xianfeng David Gu
  Conformal and discrete conformal geometry of surfaces 2017-6-6 2017-7-31 Feng Luo
  Theory and Applications of Model Equations for Nonlinear, Dispersive Waves 2017-6-5 2017-6-16 Jerry Bona

Autumn,2016  Course by Members

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  数学物理中的微分几何 2016-9-13 2016-12-13 Wenxuan Lu
  Singularities in algebraic varieties 2016-9-12 2016-12-15 Huaiqing Zuo
  Applications of Topology to Differential Geometry 2016-9-12 2016-12-7 Thomas Farrell

Autumn,2016  Course by Visitors

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Positivity in Kahler geometry 2016-12-12 2017-1-4 Jian Xiao
  Springer fibers in representation theory 2016-11-28 2016-12-21 Peng Shan
  Entropy for actions of sofic groups 2016-11-8 2016-12-1 Hanfeng Li
  Complex Dynamics 2016-10-31 2016-11-30 John Erik Fornaess
  Seminars in numerical relativity 2016-10-28 2016-11-18 Lee Lindblom
  Integral TQFT and applications 2016-10-19 2016-11-11 Gregor Masbaum
  Periods and differential equations in algebraic geometry 2016-10-17 2016-12-7 Spencer Bloch
  Second order elliptic PDEs 2016-10-17 2016-11-9 Valentino Tosatti
  Curves over finite fields 2016-9-20 2016-11-17 Gerard van der Geer
  An Introduction to Mathematica Programming 2016-9-20 2016-9-30 Philip Candelas
  From Tate's zeta-integral to Eisenstein series (An introduction to the analytic and spectral theory of automorphic representations) 2016-9-8 2016-12-29 Han Wu

Spring,2016  Course by Members

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  The Isoperimetric Problem 2016-3-9 2016-5-9 Vlad Moraru
  Topology of Algebraic Varieties 2016-3-1 2016-6-7 Eduard Looijenga
  Topics on gauge/gravity duality 2016-2-29 2016-6-8 Wei Song
  An introduction to vertex algebras 2016-2-23 2016-4-28 Daniele Valeri
  Symmetric polynomials 2016-2-23 2016-6-8 Xiaoguang Ma
  Topics in differential geometry 2016-2-23 2016-6-7 Yuguang Zhang
  Hamiltonian systems: symplectic and contact 2016-2-22 2016-6-6 Lin Wang
  Gromov-Witten theory and mirror symmetry 2016-2-22 2016-6-8 Zhengyu Zong
  The theory of Ricci limit spaces 2016-2-22 2016-6-6 Guoyi Xu
  Non-uniqueness and h-principle 2016-2-22 2016-6-8 Tianwen Luo
  Representations of finite dimensional algebras 2016-2-22 2016-6-8 Bangming Deng
  Topics in singularities of algebraic varieties 2016-2-22 2016-6-6 Huaiqing Zuo

Spring,2016  Course by Visitors

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Ergodic Theory of Rational Billiards 2016-6-7 2016-7-26 Yitwah Cheung
  Global regularity for the gravity water waves system in 2D and 3D 2016-6-2 2016-7-22 Xuecheng Wang
  Loop Quantum Gravity: Introduction and Recent Developments 2016-6-1 2016-6-28 Muxin Han
  Scaling Limits in Kinetic Theory and effective equations 2016-5-24 2016-6-8 Mario Pulvirenti
  Factorization Homology 2016-5-18 2016-6-17 John Francis
  Enumerative Combinatorics and Applications 计数组合及应用 2016-5-6 2016-6-1 Guoniu Han
  Existence theorems for a class of fourth-order nonlinear parabolic equations 2016-5-5 2016-5-26 Xiangsheng Xu
  Lectures on the Mathematical Theory Ofblack Holes 2016-5-3 2016-5-19 Sergiu Klainerman
  Introduction to fibered dynamics 2016-4-26 2016-6-21 Andrey Gogolev
  Introduction to Higher Teichmueller Theory 2016-3-15 2016-4-6 Qiongling Li
  Introduction to Geometric Measure Theory 2016-3-1 2016-4-28 Leon Simon

Spring,2016  Seminar

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Differential forms on singular varieties 2016-4-6 2016-4-13 A.G. Aleksandrov

Summer,2016  Course by Visitors

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Optimal transport for applied mathematicians 2016-8-4 2016-8-30 Jian-Guo Liu
  ⾮线性⾊散⽅程:确定性和概率⽅法 2016-7-26 2016-8-25 Yu Deng
  Dynamics of Group Actions and Applications 2016-7-20 2016-8-10 Han Li
  Introduction to Teichmuller space of surfaces 2016-7-18 2016-8-29 Feng Luo
  MSP Fields, GW theory, and FJRW theory 2016-7-14 2016-7-29 Chiu-Chu Melissa Liu
  Some classification programs in dynamical systems 2016-7-11 2016-7-20 Nhan Phu Chung
  Introduction to Riemann surfaces 2016-7-7 2016-8-25 Lizhen Ji
  One dimensional random walk in random environment 2016-7-7 2016-8-16 Xinxin Chen
  Introduction to cluster algebras 2016-7-6 2016-8-3 Linhui Shen
  Topics in Birational Geometry and Singularities 2016-7-5 2016-8-4 Yi Hu
  Moduli space of abelian differentials and Teichmuller dynamics 2016-7-5 2016-7-27 Dawei Chen
  Interesting Problems in Harmonic Analysis 2016-7-4 2016-7-19 Garving K. Luli
  Computational Conformal Geometry 2016-7-4 2016-8-29 Xianfeng David Gu
  Microlocal Analysis and Applications 2016-7-4 2016-7-27 Long Jin
  Numerical methods for machine learning 2016-6-29 2016-7-29 Da Kuang

Autumn,2015  Course by Members

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Algebraic Microlocal Analysis 2015-11-25 2015-12-30 Francois-Xavier Machu
  Topics of gauge/string correspondence and mathematical physics 2015-9-28 2015-12-28 Hai Lin
  Gravitational Waves 2015-9-22 2015-12-29 Abul Masood-ul-Alam
  Spinor Analysis on 3- and 4-manifolds 2015-9-21 2015-12-30 Abul Masood-ul-Alam
  Fluids interface free boundary problems 2015-9-14 2015-12-28 Huihui Zeng
  Topological rigidity and its relation to geometry 2015-9-14 2015-12-9 Thomas Farrell
  Introduction to singularities of algebraic varieties and deformations 2015-9-14 2015-12-10 Zuo Huaiqing

Autumn,2015  Course by Visitors

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Variational methods for celestial mechanics 2015-11-26 2016-1-7 Kuo-Chang Chen
  The Ricci Flow 2015-11-26 2015-12-21 Richard Hamilton
  Introduction to central configurations 2015-11-25 2016-1-6 Kuo-Chang Chen
  Modular Forms 2015-9-18 2015-11-17 Gerard van der Geer
  Geometric Satake Correspondence and basis theory 2015-9-17 2015-12-14 Jiuzu Hong
  Moduli, Hypergeometric Functions and Automorphic Forms 2015-9-7 2015-9-28 Jerome William Hoffman
  Calabi-Yau Manifolds with Small Hodge Numbers 2015-9-2 2015-9-28 Philip Candelas

Autumn,2015  Introduction to Modern Mathematics Lecture Series

Title Start Date End Date Instructor

Autumn,2015  Seminar

Title Start Date End Date Instructor

Spring,2015  Course by Members

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Infinite dimensional Lie algebras appearing in Algebraic Geometry 2015-3-10 2015-6-18 Eduard Looijenga
  Homotopy Theory and its relation to Differential Topology 2015-3-9 2015-6-17 Thomas Farrell
  Intersection Theory 2015-3-9 2015-5-29 Francois-Xavier Machu
  Rimeannian Geometry and Smooth Metric Measure Spaces 2015-3-6 2015-5-22 Vlad Moraru
  Linear algebraic groups 2015-3-4 2015-6-19 Shenghao Sun
  Quantum Groups and Crystal Bases 2015-3-4 2015-6-18 Xiaoguang Ma
  Introduction to string theory 2015-3-3 2015-6-18 Wei Song
  Introduction to mathematical physics II (quantum physics) 2015-3-2 2015-6-17 Si Li
  Mathematical Physics I (Classical Physics) 2015-3-2 2015-6-17 Wenxuan Lu
  Harmonic functions and Minimal surfaces 2015-3-2 2015-5-25 Guoyi Xu
  【Canceled】Gravitational Waves 2015-3-2 2015-6-10 Abul Masood-ul-Alam
  Wavelet transform and its applications 2015-3-2 2015-6-15 Zuoqiang Shi

Spring,2015  Course by Visitors

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Introduction to the Eynard-Orantin invariants 2015-5-29 2015-6-26 Chiu-Chu Melissa Liu
  An introduction to quantum calculus and its applications to 3-dimensional TQFT 2015-5-19 2015-6-11 Feng Luo
  Nonlinear Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations 2015-5-13 2015-8-5 Tao Luo
  An introduction to Maxwell-Klein-Gordon equation 2015-5-12 2015-5-28 Shuang Miao
  Introduction to Several Complex Variables 2015-3-30 2015-8-10 Bun Wong
  Feynman amplitudes in math and in physics 2015-3-17 2015-6-11 Spencer Bloch
  Introduction to PDE 2015-3-5 2015-4-28 Leon Simon

Spring,2015  MSC Distinguished Lecture Series

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Tsinghua University Pao-Lu Hsu Distinguished Lecture 2015-5-8 2015-5-12 David Aldous

Summer,2015  Course by Visitors

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Quantum Invariants of Knots and 3-Manifolds 2015-8-25 2015-9-17 Tian Yang
  【Canceled】Rational curves on algebraic varieties 2015-8-5 2015-8-26 Yi Zhu
  Infinite dimensional Gaussian measures: Gaussian processes and Gaussian fields 2015-8-5 2015-8-26 Linan Chen
  Introduction to Teichmuller space, mapping class groups, and applications of moduli spaces 2015-7-30 2015-8-28 Lizhen Ji
  Classical results and curvature estimates for minimal surfaces 2015-7-30 2015-8-14 Giuseppe Tinaglia
  Lectures on Information Geometry 2015-7-27 2015-8-14 Jun Zhang
  Collective Behavior Models with Repulsive/Attractive Potentials 2015-7-27 2015-8-19 Jose A. Carrillo
  Introduction to Markov chain mixing times 2015-7-22 2015-8-14 Hao Wu
  Random walks, Brownian motion and Donsker’s invariance principle 2015-7-21 2015-8-13 Xinxin Chen
  An introduction to Plateau’s problem in arbitrary dimension 2015-7-20 2015-8-12 Xiangyu Liang
  Explorations in Discrete Geometry 2015-7-14 2015-7-30 Thomas Hales
  Introduction to Algebraic D-modules 2015-7-14 2015-8-11 An Huang
  Computational Conformal Geometry 2015-7-7 2015-8-25 Xianfeng David Gu
  Topics in Harmonic Analysis 2015-7-2 2015-7-30 Garving K. Luli
  Topics in Birational Geometry and Singularities 2015-7-1 2015-8-12 Yi Hu
  Complex Analysis in Higher Dimension 2015-6-18 2015-7-3 John Erik Fornaess
  Some function theory on complete Kahler manifolds 2015-6-17 2015-7-11 Gang Liu
  The Kähler-Ricci Flow 2015-6-4 2015-8-13 Valentino Tosatti

Summer,2015  Seminar

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Mini Workshop on Holography 2015-7-21 2015-7-21 Wei Song

Autumn,2014  Course by Members

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Gravitational Waves 2014-11-18 2014-1-6 Abul Masood-ul-Alam
  Harmonic maps and heat flows 2014-10-16 2014-12-31 Ning Jiang
  Basic course on strings and mathematics 1 2014-10-15 2014-12-24 Hiroyuki Fuji,Francois-Xavier Machu
  Introduction to Second Order Elliptic Partial Differential Equations 2014-10-10 2014-12-5 Shiu-Yuen Cheng
  Geometry Processing 2014-10-8 2014-12-31 Jian Sun
  Finite Groups (本科生) 2014-9-23 2014-12-25 Pin Yu
  Theoretical Physics before 1970 2014-9-23 2014-11-13 Abul Masood-ul-Alam

Autumn,2014  Course by Visitors

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Arithmetic of adjoint L-values 2014-12-8 2014-12-31 Haruzo Hida
  Introduction to arithmetic groups and locally symmetric spaces 2014-12-1 2014-12-10 Lizhen Ji
  Solving Einstein's Equation Numerically 2014-11-6 2014-12-12 Lee Lindblom
  An Introduction to Hyperbolic Geometry 2014-10-13 2014-11-19 Timothy Marshall
  Mixed Hodge theory of complex algebraic varieties 2014-10-9 2014-12-4 Joseph Steenbrink
  Kac's program in kinetic theory 2014-10-8 2014-10-31 Kleber Carrapatoso
  Abelian Varieties 2014-9-18 2014-11-20 Gerard van der Geer
  Deformation Quantization 2014-9-9 2014-9-19 Si Li
  Interface Problems and Level Set Method 2014-9-1 2014-9-24 Li-Tien Cheng
  Kinetic theory and kinetic PDEs in biology 2014-9-1 2014-11-5 Hailiang Liu
  Analytical Aspects of Moduli Spaces 2014-9-1 2015-1-14 Xiaofeng Sun

Autumn,2014  Seminar

Spring,2014  Course by Members

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  The Geometry of the Scalar Curvature 2014-3-13 2014-6-12 Vlad Moraru
  Some Basic Aspects of Quantum Field Theory 2014-3-6 2014-6-12 Hiroyuki Fuji
  Topics on discrete geometry 2014-3-6 2014-6-5 Jian Sun,Pin Yu
  Spinor Analysis on Riemannian 3-manifolds 2014-2-25 2014-6-5 Abul Masood-ul-Alam
  Quadratic forms in Algebraic Geometry 2014-2-24 2014-5-28 Francois-Xavier Machu

Spring,2014  Course by Visitors

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Introduction to low dimensional geometry and topology 2014-5-20 2014-8-28 Feng Luo
  An introduction to CAT(0) geometry 2014-5-12 2014-6-9 Yunhui Wu
  The Infinity-Laplace Equation 2014-5-9 2014-5-30 Peter Lindqvist
  Introduction to classical Invariant Theory 2014-4-21 2014-5-14 Claudio Procesi
  现代初等数论 2014-4-16 2014-6-13 Liming Ge
  Introduction to Gromov-Witten Theory 2014-4-3 2014-4-29 Chiu-Chu Melissa Liu
  Complex analysis of several variables 2014-3-18 2014-6-26 Daowei Ma
  Introduction to Geometric Measure Theory 2014-2-25 2014-4-24 Leon Simon

Spring,2014  Introduction to Modern Mathematics Lecture Series

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Discrete Riemann mapping theorems 2014-6-11 2014-6-11 Feng Luo

Summer,2014  Course by Members

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Computational Conformal Geometry 2014-8-4 2014-8-27 Xianfeng David Gu,Jian Sun
  Modular functions and their CM values 2014-6-30 2014-8-6 Tonghai Yang

Summer,2014  Course by Visitors

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Conformal restriction, Brownian motion, and SLE 2014-8-18 2014-8-29 Hao Wu
  The Calabi-Yau Theorem and some generalizations 2014-8-6 2014-9-1 Valentino Tosatti
  On the category O of semisimple Lie algebras 2014-7-30 2014-9-24 Peng Shan
  Curves and Hyperbolic Geometry on Surfaces 2014-7-17 2014-8-14 Tian Yang
  Propagation of chaos for stochastic interacting particle system 2014-7-17 2014-8-14 Jian-Guo Liu
  SYZ mirror symmetry, Lagrangian intersection theory and stability 2014-7-9 2014-7-18 Siu-Cheong Lau
  Topics on quadratic forms 2014-7-9 2014-7-21 Yong Hu
  An introduction to the theory of minimal sets 2014-7-8 2014-8-14 Xiangyu Liang
  Triangulations and combinatorial differential geometry 2014-7-7 2014-7-16 Stephan Tillmann
  L^2-theory and Spectral analysis of complex Laplacians 2014-7-7 2014-7-23 Siqi Fu
  Representation theory of Galois and of GL_2 2014-7-3 2014-7-17 Yongquan Hu
  Tautological ring of moduli spaces of curves 2014-7-3 2014-7-21 Hao Xu
  Extra Structures on Fundamental Groups and application(s) 2014-7-3 2014-7-17 Shanwen Wang,Jilong Tong
  Introduction to the affine springer fibers 2014-7-2 2014-7-21 Zongbin Chen
  Intersection Theory and Enumerative Geometry 2014-7-2 2014-8-7 Dawei Chen
  Introduction to Lie groups and transformation groups 2014-6-17 2014-8-19 Lizhen Ji
  Lectures on Deformations Theory 2014-6-4 2014-7-21 Yi Hu

Autumn,2013  Course by Members

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Riemannian Geometry on Four-Manifolds 2013-9-26 2014-1-2 Abul Masood-ul-Alam
  Representation theory seminar: Hall algebras and Cherednik algebras 2013-9-18 2013-12-18 Bangming Deng,Xiaoguang Ma,Fan Xu

Autumn,2013  Course by Visitors

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Some topics in analytic number theory 2013-12-24 2014-1-16 Han Wu
  Zeta Functions and Their Zeros 2013-11-12 2013-12-18 Lin Weng
  Solving Einstein's Equation Numerically Using Spectral Methods 2013-11-8 2013-11-29 Lee Lindblom
  Introduction to conformal field theory 2013-10-14 2013-11-6 Ramadas Ramakrishnan
  Hodge Theory 2013-10-8 2013-12-3 Joseph Steenbrink
  Einstein’s Geometric Theory of Gravity 2013-9-16 2014-1-15 James M. Nester
  Motives and multiple zeta values 2013-9-16 2013-11-27 Spencer Bloch
  Introduction to Nonparametric Statistics and Machine Learning 2013-9-16 2014-1-8 Michael Yu Zhu

Spring,2013  Course by Members

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Seminars on nonlinear PDE 2013-4-3 2013-6-19 Yutao Ding
  Reading Seminar on Automorphic Representations 2013-3-12 2013-5-28 Li Cai
  Kac's conjecture and quiver varieties 2013-3-6 2013-6-5 Fan Xu,Fan Qin
  Geometry Processing 2013-3-4 2013-5-29 Jian Sun
  Spinor Analysis on Riemannian 3-manifolds 2013-2-25 2013-6-5 Abul Masood-ul-Alam

Spring,2013  Course by Visitors

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Quantum Teichmuller theory 2013-6-4 2013-6-27 Rinat Kashaev
  Representation Theory of p-adic groups and the local Langlands correspondence 2013-6-4 2013-6-27 Dipendra Prasad
  Introduction to microlocal sheaf theory and applications 2013-5-28 2013-6-13 David Treumann
  Introduction to geometric group theory 2013-5-21 2013-5-30 Lizhen Ji
  Ricci Flow and the Poincare Conjecture 2013-5-21 2013-6-6 Richard Hamilton
  Kinetic Theory, Mean Field Game and Applications 2013-5-17 2013-6-14 Jian-Guo Liu
  Topics on Toric Geometry and Some Moduli Problems 2013-5-14 2013-5-16 Yi Hu
  Introduction to Teichmuller space of surfaces and hyperbolic 3-manifolds 2013-5-10 2013-6-13 Feng Luo
  Reflection groups in geometric group theory 2013-5-8 2013-6-5 Michael W. Davis
  Nonlinear Schroedinger equations on the torus 2013-5-7 2013-5-30 Wang Wei-Min
  Calabi-Yau Manifolds and Mirror Symmetry 2013-4-1 2013-4-24 Philip Candelas
  Triangulations and combinatorial differential geometry 2013-3-26 2013-4-26 Hyam Rubinstein
  Topics in Spectral Geometry 2013-3-18 2013-5-22 Richard Schoen
  Rational Surfaces and Singularities 2013-3-5 2013-3-29 Eduard Looijenga
  Structure of algebraic groups 2013-3-4 2013-3-27 Michel Brion
  Introductory Lectures On Manifold Topology 2013-3-1 2013-7-3 Thomas Farrell
  Contemporary Topics in Teichmuller Theory by Riemannian Geometric Techniques 2013-2-28 2013-3-21 Michael Wolf
  Design and analysis of approximation algorithms 2013-2-26 2013-5-9 Ker-I Ko
  Methods of Geometric Analysis in Fluid Mechanics 2013-2-26 2013-4-16 Demetrios Christodoulou,Shuang Miao

Summer,2013  Course by Members

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Computational Conformal Geometry 2013-7-18 2013-8-29 Jian Sun,Xianfeng David Gu
  Basic Number Theory 2013-7-1 2013-8-21 Tonghai Yang

Summer,2013  Course by Visitors

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Local theory of complex analytic varieties 2013-8-13 2013-9-10 Xiaojun Huang
  Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions of the Laplacian 2013-8-7 2013-8-21 Steve Zelditch
  Variational Partial Differential Equations and Sparse Representation 2013-8-5 2013-9-3 Ye Duan
  Introduction to large scale geometry and hyperbolic manifolds 2013-7-23 2013-8-8 Feng Luo
  Complex Dynamics 2013-7-16 2013-8-8 John Erik Fornaess
  An Introduction to Several Complex Variables 2013-7-16 2013-8-8 Erlend Fornaess Wold
  Kinetic Theory, Mean Field Game and Applications 2013-7-15 2013-8-12 Jian-Guo Liu
  The Unknotting Problem 2013-7-3 2013-7-29 Zhongtao Wu
  Modular Forms, Maass Forms and Automorphic Forms on GL(2); An Introduction 2013-7-2 2013-7-18 Freydoon Shahidi
  Topics on Toric Geometry and Some Moduli Problems 2013-6-25 2013-8-8 Yi Hu
  Computational Algebraic Geometry 2013-6-18 2013-7-16 Hyung-Ju Park
  Solving polynomial systems 2013-6-17 2013-8-14 Tien Yien Li
  A survey of group actions and applications in mathematical sciences 2013-6-17 2013-8-25 Lizhen Ji

Autumn,2012  Course by Members

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Seminar of Geometric Imaging 2012-10-24 2012-12-26 Jian Sun
  Reading seminar on discrete series and its geometric realizations 2012-10-17 2012-12-5 Hang Wang
  Heat kernel and Dirichlet form 2012-9-20 2012-12-27 Jiaxin Hu
  Spinor Analysis on Riemannian 3-manifolds 2012-9-10 2012-12-24 Abul Masood-ul-Alam
  Fourier 分析 2012-9-10 2012-12-27 Pin Yu,Shenghao Sun
  Student Study Seminar: Topics in Mathematical Physics 2012-9-10 2012-12-24 Li Chen,Ning Jiang

Autumn,2012  Course by Visitors

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Lie groups for working mathematicians 2012-12-12 2012-12-28 Lizhen Ji
  Moduli Spaces and Modular Forms 2012-9-25 2012-11-21 Gerard van der Geer
  Seminar on Knot Theory 北京纽结理论研讨班 2012-9-10 2012-10-29 Manturov Vassily Olegovich,Hang Wang
  Introduction to Modern Knot Theory 2012-9-5 2012-9-28 Manturov Vassily Olegovich
  Seminar on Differential Geometry 2012-9-4 2012-10-18 Dominic Leung
  Harmonic Analysis and the Fluid Interface Problems 2012-9-4 2012-9-27 Wu Sijue

Spring,2012  Course

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Period Integrals and Tautological Systems 2012-6-4 2012-8-6 Bong Lian
  General Relativity and the Nonlinear Memory Effect of Gravitational Waves 2012-5-15 2012-6-7 Lydia Bieri
  The Kahler-Ricci Flow and the Minimal Model Program 2012-5-15 2012-6-20 Valentino Tosatti
  Applied PDEs: Analysis and Computation 2012-5-9 2012-6-15 Hailiang Liu
  Introduction to Geometric Invariant Theory and Moduli Problems 2012-5-9 2012-6-20 Yi Hu
  Spectral Asymptotics for the Laplace Operator 2012-5-8 2012-5-23 John Toth
  Discrete subgroups of Lie groups 2012-5-6 2012-5-23 Ronggang Shi
  Lecture on the Kahler-Ricci flow 2012-4-24 2012-5-17 Huai-Dong Cao
  Geometry in dimension 4 2012-4-16 2012-5-10 Lars Andersson
  Néron models of Abelian varieties and applications 2012-4-11 2012-5-7 Qing Liu
  The Ricci Flow and the Poincare Conjecture [course schedule is tentative] 2012-4-6 2012-6-8 Richard Hamilton
  Operator invariants of 3-manifolds with PSL(2,C)-characters 2012-4-6 2012-4-23 Stéphane Baseilhac
  Complex Dynamics, I, II, III, IV 2012-4-6 2012-4-13 John Erik Fornaess
  Ideal triangulations of 3-manifolds and the deformation variety 2012-4-6 2012-4-23 Henry Segerman
  Geometric structures on surface and 3-manifolds from the triangulation point of view 2012-3-29 2012-4-24 Feng Luo
  Mathematical Problems in General Relativity 2012-3-28 2012-5-30 Richard Schoen
  An Introduction to the Trace Formula 2012-3-26 2012-5-21 Chao Li
  Numerical methods for fluid with interface 2012-3-13 2012-6-12 Zuoqiang Shi
  Hyperbolic conservation laws and related topics II 2012-3-1 2012-6-14 Tao Luo
  Topics in algebraic topology 2012-2-28 2012-6-21 Marcel Bökstedt
  Low dimensional manifolds 2012-2-21 2012-3-29 Hyam Rubinstein
  Introduction to G2 manifolds 2012-2-21 2012-3-15 Sergey Grigorian
  Computational Conformal Geometry 2012-2-21 2012-5-31 Jian Sun
  Analysis and Geometry of Finite Graphs 2012-2-20 2012-3-2 Alexander Grigorian

Summer,2012  Analysis and Applications

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Interaction Detection for Index Models in High Dimension 2012-7-24 2012-8-7 Jun liu
  High Frequency Econometrics 2012-7-23 2012-8-16 Per Mykland, Lan Zhang
  Extremes In Random Fields: Theory and Applications 2012-7-5 2012-8-14 Benjamin Yakir
  Topics in Partial Differential Equations 2012-7-4 2012-7-27 Dehua Wang
  Emergence and self-organization in complex systems 2012-7-3 2012-8-14 Jian-Guo Liu
  【Updated:Time change】Muskat Problem 2012-7-3 2012-7-26 Pin Yu,Garving K. Luli
  Automated Reasoning in Pure Mathematics 2012-7-2 2012-7-25 Thomas Hales
  Integral Representations in Several Complex Variables 2012-6-26 2012-7-17 Yuan Zhang
  [updated]Complex Dynamics 2012-6-26 2012-7-19 John Erik Fornaess

Summer,2012  Arithmetic,Algebra and Geometry

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Special value of L-functions 2012-8-15 2012-8-29 Wei Zhang
  P-adic Uniformization of Shimura Varieties 2012-8-15 2012-8-24 Michael Rapoport
  Topics in Quantum Field Theory 2012-7-27 2012-8-20 Si Li
  Seminar on Differential Geometry 2012-7-23 2012-10-22 Dominic Leung
  Betti numbers of compact locally symmetric spaces 2012-7-17 2012-8-14 MS Raghunathan
  An advanced course on Automorphic Forms of GL(n) 2012-7-11 2012-8-8 Dihua Jiang
  Introduction to symmetric and locally symmetric spaces 2012-7-4 2012-8-10 Lizhen Ji
  Introduction to algebraic theory of D-modules 2012-7-4 2012-8-15 Jiuzu Hong
  Topics in Arakelov geometry 2012-7-4 2012-7-25 Xinyi Yuan
  Complex Algebraic Geometry 2012-7-3 2012-8-9 Dawei Chen
  Topics on geometry 2012-7-2 2012-8-14 Feng Luo
  Geometry of modular curves and arithmetic applications 2012-7-2 2012-8-27 Yichao Tian,Weizhe Zheng
  【Time Change】Automorphic forms and representations on GL_2 2012-6-26 2012-8-16 Tonghai Yang

Summer,2012  Geometric Imaging and Computation

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Pattern theory in imaging science 2012-7-16 2012-8-15 Ren Guo
  Variational Partial Differential Equations and Implicit Geometry 2012-7-12 2012-8-10 Ye Duan
  Computational Geometry and Applications 2012-7-10 2012-8-30 Jie Gao
  Discrete Differential Geometry and Conformal Geometry 2012-7-4 2012-8-22 Xianfeng David Gu,Jian Sun
  Computational Topology: Theory and Applications 2012-7-3 2012-7-25 Yusu Wang
  Real projective manifolds 2012-7-3 2012-7-12 Stephan Tillmann
  Information Geometry and Machine Learning Application 2012-6-26 2012-8-21 Jun Zhang
(Application for Summer Courses)