Topics in complex geometry
Student No.:50
Time:09:50-12:15, 9.12/ 9.19; 09:50-11:25, 9.14/ 9.21
Instructor:Liu Kefeng  [UCLA, Zhejiang University]
Place:Conference room 3, Floor 2, Jinchun Yuan West Building (Conference room 4 on Sep. 19)
Starting Date:2017-8-31
Ending Date:2017-9-21


We will discuss several recent topics on deformation of complex structures and its various applications to geometry of complex manifolds and their moduli spaces. The following are some references:
1. Kodaira-Morrow, Complex manifolds.
2. Kefeng Liu, Sheng Rao, Xueyuan Wan, Geometry of logarithmic forms and deformation of complex structures, arxiv: 1708.00097
3. Kefeng Liu, Solving equations with Hodge theory, preprint.