Superconformal index and its applications
Student No.:40
Time:13:30-15:05, 2017.9.27/ 09:50-11:25, 2017.9.28
Instructor:Yan Wenbin  
Place:Conference Room 1, Floor 1, Jinchunyuan West Building
Starting Date:2017-8-9
Ending Date:2017-9-28



Superconformal index is one of the most important tools in the study of supersymmetric theories in various dimensions and it connects supersymmetric theories with different fields of mathematics. In the lecture series, I will review different aspects of the superconformal index of 4d superconformal theories. In particular I will discuss the relation of the index of class S theories to topological QFTs, integrable models, Hitchin systems and 2d vertex operator algebra, and review how this relation can be harnessed to completely determine the index. If time permits I will discuss index in other dimensions.







Knowledge of supersymmetric theories in 4d, supersymmetric algebra in 4d.








An Index for 4 dimensional super conformal theorieshep-th/0510251





The Superconformal Index of Theories of Class S, arXiv:1412.7131



The Superconformal Index of Theories of Class S, arXiv:1412.7131


Specific references will be given at each lecture