Introduction to Coulomb branch
Student No.:50
Time:Mon/Wed 9:50-11:25, 2017-08-14~2017-09-6
Instructor:Peng Shan  [CNRS/Université Paris Sud]
Place:Conference Room 3, Floor 2, Jinchunyuan West Building
Starting Date:2017-8-14
Ending Date:2017-9-6





The goal of this course is to explain the work of Braverman-Finkelberg-Nakajima on the mathematical definition for Coulomb branch. We will also explore their relationship with other types of algebras in representation theory, such as quiver Hecke algebras, double affine Hecke algebras etc., as well as their applications in symplectic duality.





Braverman, Finkelberg, Nakajima: Towards a mathematical definition of Coulomb branches of 3d N=4 gauge theory arxiv: 1601.03586 Braverman, Etingof, Finkelberg: Cyclotomic double affine Hecke algebras, arxiv: 1611.10216