Permutation Puzzles and Diameters of Groups
Student No.:50
Time:Wed/Thu 9:50-11:25, 2017-07-12~2017-09-7
Instructor:Yilong Yang  [UCLA]
Place:Conference Room 4, floor 2, Jin Chun Yuan West Building
Starting Date:2017-7-12
Ending Date:2017-9-7





The goal of this class is to have fun with a variety of permutation puzzles, including 15 puzzles, rubik’s cubes and so forth. We shall attempt to explore the structure and theories behind these games using tools from group theory, topology, and many other areas of mathematics. If time permits, we shall further investigate the problems of bounding the diameters of various groups.






Basic Group Theory





Permutation Puzzle: A Mathematical Perspective, by Jamie Mulholland


Group Theory and the Rubik’s Cube, by Janet Chen