Theory and Applications of Model Equations for Nonlinear, Dispersive Waves
Student No.:50
Time:June 5, 13:30-15:00; June 7&14, 16:00-17:30; June 16, 9:50-11:25
Instructor:Jerry Bona  [University of Illinois at Chicago]
Place:Lecture Hall, Floor 3, Jin Chun Yuan West Building
Starting Date:2017-6-5
Ending Date:2017-6-16



Model equations for nonlinear, dispersive wave propagation will be derived and some of the theory for these equations worked out. Various applications will be described, including to tsunami propagation, rogue wave formation, beach protection strategy and problems arising in blood flow including especially pulmonary hypertension, as time permits.





Should be understandable to graduate students who have had some analysis and partial differential equations.