An Introduction to Mathematica Programming
Student No.:50
Time:Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri 13:00-14:50
Instructor:Philip Candelas  [Mathematical Institute,Oxford]
Place:Conference Room 4, floor 2
Starting Date:2016-9-20
Ending Date:2016-9-30


The course will give an introduction to the the Mathematica language. The emphasis will be on the principles of Mathematica programming and the application to the solution of practical problems involving symbolic, numerical and graphical calculation.

Students should have a laptop with a recent version of Mathematica installed and running, and bring these to class.



Lecture duration: 2016-09-20~ 2015-09-30
Time: Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri 13:00-14:50
Place: Conference Room 4, floor 2
Problem/homework sessions: Sep. 21 and 28 Wed 19:00-20:50
Place: Conference Room 4, floor 2



Some prior knowledge of programming, while helpful, is not a prerequisite. Homework problems will be set at the end of each day’s class.



There are several good texts. One that is recent is:
“Programming with Mathematica, An Introduction” by Paul Wellin, Cambridge University Press 2013.
Another by the same author is:
“An Introduction to Programming with Mathematica” by Paul Wellin, Richard Gaylord and Samuel Kamin, Cambridge university Press 2005.
This latter text seems to be available as an electronic resource at Tsinghua University.