Singularities in algebraic varieties
Student No.:50
Time:【Updated】Tue 19:00-20:50/Thu 13:00-14:50, 2016-09-12~ 2016-12-15 (No classes on public holidays)
Instructor:Huaiqing Zuo  
Place:Conference Room 1, Floor 1, Jin Chun Yuan West Building
Starting Date:2016-9-12
Ending Date:2016-12-15






We will cover the following topics:


1. Plurigenera of surface singularities.


2. Classification of normal isolated singularities.


3. Differential forms around a singularity.


4. Riemann-Roch theorem for resolution of isolated singularities.







Commutative algebra, basic knowledge of singularity theory and algebraic geometry






1. Okuma Tomohiro  Plurigenera of surface singularities. Nova Sci Pub. Inc, 2000.


2. Shihoko_Ishii  Introduction_to_Singularities, Springer 2014.


3. Kato, Masahide  Riemann-Roch theorem for strongly pseudoconvex manifolds of dimension 2, Math Ann, (1976).