The Ricci Flow
Student No.:50
Time:Mon/Thu 10:10-12:00, 2015-11-26~2015-12-21
Instructor:Richard Hamilton  [Columbia University]
Place:Lecture hall, Floor 3, Jin Chun Yuan West Building
Starting Date:2015-11-26
Ending Date:2015-12-21





We will give an introduction to the Ricci Flow for the evolution of a Riemannan metric by its Ricci curvature. We will cover the basic estimates :



1) The heat inequality for the distance function


2) The local derivative estimates


3) Curvature Pinching inequalities


4) The Harnack estimate for the curvature


5) The non-collapsing estimate of Perelman


6) Canonical Neighborhoods



More as time permits.


You can download the following course related materials:


The Heat Inequality for the Distance Function ver 4


RFB 3 Local Derivative Estimates - pdf


Perelman's Noncollapsing Estimate


RFB 5 The Li - Yau Estimate for Curvature