Solving Einstein's Equation Numerically
Student No.:50
Time:Fri 10:10-12:00(First class is on Thursday), 2014-11-06~ 2014-12-12
Instructor:Lee Lindblom  [UC San Diego]
Place:Conference Room 4, Floor 2, Jin Chun Yuan West Building
Starting Date:2014-11-6
Ending Date:2014-12-12



A variety of mathematical issues associated with solving Einstein's equation numerically will be discussed including, symmetric hyperbolic formulations of the equation, appropriate gauge (i.e. coordinate) conditions, constraint damping mechanisms, boundary conditions, etc. Special problems that arise in finding numerical solutions for binary black hole space-times, and in finding numerical solutions on manifolds with non-trivial spatial topologies will be discussed. As time permits, other related topics will be discussed (depending on the interests of the participants), for example discussions of particular numerical methods (e.g. spectral methods), the accuracy requirements needed for gravitational wave data analysis on the model waveforms produced by numerical solutions.




General knowledge of general relativity theory