Kinetic theory and kinetic PDEs in biology
Student No.:50
Time:Mon/Wed 10:10-12:00, 2014-9-1~2014-11-5 except for public holidays
Instructor:Hailiang Liu  [Iowa State University]
Place:Conference Room 4, Floor 2, jin Chun Yuan West Building
Starting Date:2014-9-1
Ending Date:2014-11-5



Kinetic equations arise in many applications, and thus there has been considerable interest in the development of mathematical tools and numerical methods to solve them. This course will introduce students to the study of kinetic PDEs, including the Boltzmann equation, the Fokker-Planck equation and the Vlasov-Poisson system; and also to various kinetic PDEs arising in biology. A course is suitable for graduate students and senior undergraduate students in mathematics whose primary interest is in applied PDEs or their applications in biology.


Some knowledge in real analysis and differential equations.



Kinetic theory: Robert T. Glassey, The Cauchy Problem in Kinetic theory, SIAM 1996.

Kinetic PDEs in biology: B. Perthame, Growth, reaction, movement and diffusion from Biology