Reaching for Einstein's Dream: In Search of the Unified Theory
Student No.:50
Time:19:30—20:30, Dec. 15 (Sun.), 2013
Instructor:Brian Greene  [Columbia University]
Place:Lecture Room, The Main Building, Tsinghua University
Starting Date:2013-12-15
Ending Date:2013-12-15




In the middle of the 20th century, Albert Einstein articulated the dream of a unified theory of physics. He worked passionately to find it, but came up empty handed. In more recent decades, physicists have proposed that string theory may be the unified theory. But research has revealed that string theory offers its challenges, including more spatial dimensions than the three we experience, the possibility of other universes, and the difficulty of making contact with experiments. In this talk, which presumes no background on the part of the audience, I'll describe the search for the unified theory from Einstein through the forefront of cutting-edge research.