Einstein’s Geometric Theory of Gravity
Student No.:50
Time:Mon/Wed 13:00-14:50, 2013-09-16 ~ 2014-01-15 (except for public holidays)
Instructor:James M. Nester  [National Central University, Taiwan]
Place:Conference Room 3, floor 2, Jin Chun Yuan West Building
Starting Date:2013-9-16
Ending Date:2014-1-15







The first part of this course is an introduction to Einstein’s geometric theory of gravity, general relativity. The second part includes certain advanced topics.

I. Physics in flat spacetime: special relativity, electromagnetism, the energy-    momentum tensor & accelerated observers.

Mathematics of curved space time: Differential Geometry: tensors, covariant derivative/affine connection/parallel transport, metric, geodesic, curvature.

Einstein's geometric theory of gravity: equivalence principle, Einstein's equations, weak field, energy-momentum & angular momentum. Black holes, cosmology & gravity waves.

II. Advanced topics including: the variational principle and the Hamiltonian formulation, the initial value constraints, the positive energy theorem and quasi-local energy momentum.



The necessary background is that expected of advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students of mathematics or physics.



C.W. Misner, K. Thorne & J.A. Wheeler, Gravitation (Freeman, San Francisco, 1973)