CAM Day, Computational and Applied Mathematics
Student No.:50
Time:8:30am --18:00pm
Instructor:Ning Su,Hailiang Liu  
Place:Conference Room 3, Floor 2, Jin Chun Yuan West Building
Starting Date:2013-6-15
Ending Date:2013-6-15

CAM DAY Schedule


Time: 8:30am--18:00pm, June 15, 2013

Place: Conference Room 3, Floor 2
          Jin Chun Yuan West Building

Format: 25 minutes presentations + free discussions 



8:30am--8:50am Registration



8:50am -- 9:00am Welcome remarks 

SU Ning 


9:00 -- 9:25 Jiang Ning, Tsinghua University

Global renormalized solutions to the Boltzmann equation with non-cutoff collision kernel and Laudau equation in a bounded domain


9:30 -- 9:55 陈艺冰, IAPCM




9:55 -- 10:20am Break 


10:20 --11:00 40 minutes free presentation

Jiang Song (IAPCM), Ju Qiang-Chang (IAPCM), Cao Daomin 


11:00 --11:25 Liu Zhongyuan,  Chinese Academy

Multipeak solutions for a elliptic problem related to Euler equation in 2 dimension


11:30--12: 00pm  Wu Dan, Chinese Academy

On some results for fractional Schrodinger equations


12:10pm--1:50pm   Lunch time


2:00--2:25 pm 张辉 北京师范大学

The micro-structure and  phase transition process of macromolecular microsphere composite (MMC)  hydrogel


2:25pm -- 3:05pm 40 minutes free presentation

Lu Xu-Guang (Tsinghua), Jiang Xinhua (BUCT), Liu Hailiang (ISU)


3:05:--3:30   Zheng Chun-Xiong  (Tsinghua)

Global geometrical optics approximation to the high frequency Helmholtz equation with discontinuous media


3:30 -- 3:50  Break

3:50 -- 4:15 Wang Shu (Beijing University of Technology)


4:20 -- 5:00pm Free presentation 

Wu Yaping (CNU),    欧耀彬(人民大学), Wen Hairui (BIT)


5:10--6:00 pm

Yin Dongsheng (Tsinghua), 杨永富(IAPCM), 杨建伟(IAPCM)窦昌盛(IAPCM)


*** Any question about this schedule, please contact LIU Hailiang, ***