Computational Algebraic Geometry
Student No.:50
Time:Tue/Thu 15:10-17:00, 06-18~07-16
Instructor:Hyung-Ju Park  [Pohang University of Science and Technology]
Place:Conference Room 3,Floor 2, Jin Chun Yuan West Building
Starting Date:2013-6-18
Ending Date:2013-7-16








Commutative algebra and algebraic geometry are classical subjects in mathematics, and have been studied for a long time. Computational aspects of these subjects, however, began attract in researchers' interest fairly recently. Their roots can be traced to the idea of standard bases in Hironaka's work and Grobner bases in Buchberger's work. Similar ideas can also be found in earlier works of Janet, Shirshov and Wu.


In this course, we will study commutative algebra and algebraic geometry from computational viewpoints, and will be interested in the idea of using computers for non-numerical computations.


No background in these subjects will be assumed.





Prerequisite: Graduate algebra





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