Representation Theory of p-adic groups and the local Langlands correspondence
Student No.:50
Time:Tue/Thu 13:00-14:50 (Lecture on June 11 changed to June 8)
Instructor:Dipendra Prasad  [Tata Institute of Fundamental Research]
Place:Conference Room 3,Floor 2, Jin Chun Yuan West Building
Starting Date:2013-6-4
Ending Date:2013-6-27




   The course will give an introduction to the representation theory of p-adic groups, a subject of great contemporary interest, and a very active area of research both for its own sake, and also for questions about Automorphic forms and number theory.


    We will follow the trilogy of the papers of Bernstein-Zelevinsky, and Zelevinsky, the first of which appeared in Russian Math Survey 31:3(1976), 1-68, entitled, “Representations of the group GL(n,F) where F is a non-Archimedean local field”.


   We hope to cover what’s called the Zelevinsky classification of irreducible admissible representations of GL(n,F) besides some general results valid for arbitrary reductive p-adic groups, and relationship to the Local Langlands Conjectures.





Basic familiarity with p-adic fields, and some Algebraic Groups theory such as the notion of Parabolic subgroups and Bruhat decomposition.









1. J. Bernstein and A. Zelevinsky : Representation of the group GL(n,F) where F is a non-Archimedean local field; Russian Math Surveys 31:3(1976), 1-68.


2. W. Casselman: Introduction to the theory of admissible representations of p-adic reductive groups (Unpublished lecture notes).