Topics on Toric Geometry and Some Moduli Problems
Student No.:50
Time:【Updated】The fist class will be changed to 05-14(Tue.). The class on May 16 is as usual. 05-14/16 Thu./Tue 13:00-14:50
Instructor:Yi Hu  [The University of Arizona]
Place:Conference Room 1, Floor 1, Jin Chun Yuan West Building
Starting Date:2013-5-14
Ending Date:2013-5-16




In the firs part of this research topics course (seminar), I will first give an introduction to the theory of toric varieties and then describe some research problems around this area (and in connection with other fields). In the second part, I will give an introduction to moduli problems, using the examples of the moduli spaces of curves, bundles and stable maps. Along the way, we will touch some basic deformation theory and theory of stacks.




Anyone with one year courses on Algebraic Geometry or the equivalent.









Introduction to toric varieties, W. Fulton.

Moduli of Curves, J. Harris and I. Morrison.

The Geometry of Moduli Spaces of Sheaves, D. Huybrechts, M. Lehn.

Deformation Theory of Algebraic Schemes, E. Sernesi.