Lie groups for working mathematicians
Student No.:50
Time:10:10-12:00,Dec. 12\13\14\26\27\28
Instructor:Lizhen Ji  [University of Michigan]
Place:Conference Room 1,Floor 1, Jin Chun Yuan West Building
Starting Date:2012-12-12
Ending Date:2012-12-28





Probably most of us will agree that Lie groups are useful, important, but also complicated. It has rich structures and theories, and can be applied effectively to different situations. A natural question is what does a working mathematician need to know about Lie groups? With this goal in mind, in this course, we start from basics and discuss some important properties and applications of Lie groups to subjects including geometry, topology, algebra and analysis. We will emphasize a basic point of the Erlangen program: the action of a Lie group on a space makes both the Lie group and the space more interesting. We hope that this course will serve as an introduction to many facets of the theory of Lie groups and motivate people to explore this huge territory.