Student Study Seminar: Topics in Mathematical Physics
Student No.:50
Time:Mon 15:10-17:00
Instructor:Li Chen,Ning Jiang  
Place:Conference room 1, floor 1
Starting Date:2012-9-10
Ending Date:2012-12-24


In this informal seminar this coming fall semester, we plan to focus on the stability of matter in quantum mechanics, which is one the most celebrated results and cornerstone in mathematical physics. We first go through Lieb-Thirring and related inequalities, electrostatic inequalities, then prove both the stability of non-relativistic and relativistic matter. After that, the Pauli operator and the Dirac operator will be thoroughly studied.


Prerequisite:Undergraduate functional analysis and PDE


Reference:“Stability of Matter in Quantum Mechanics” by Lieb and Seiringer