Integral Representations in Several Complex Variables
Student No.:50
Time:Tue. 09:00-10:00
Instructor:Yuan Zhang  [University of California, San Diego]
Place:Conference Room 1, Floor 1, Jin Chun Yuan West Building (近春园西楼1层第一会议室)
Starting Date:2012-6-26
Ending Date:2012-7-17

Course description:

The method of integral representation is used to reproduce holomorphic functions and to construct solutions to Cauchy-Riemann equations. In the lectures, we establish Bochner-Martinelli-Koppelman formula and Cauchy-Fantappy formula. Those formulae generalize the standard Cauchy integral formula in one variable to several variables. Some applications of those formulae will also be discussed.


Reference for the course:

Range, Michael: Holomorphic Functions and Integral Representations in Several Complex Variables.