Topics in Partial Differential Equations
Student No.:50
Time:Wed. 15:10-17:00; Fri. 13:00-14:50
Instructor:Dehua Wang  [University of Pittsburgh]
Place:Conference Room 1, Floor 1, Jin Chun Yuan West Building (近春园西楼1层第一会议室)
Starting Date:2012-7-4
Ending Date:2012-7-27

Course description:

This is an introductory course on analysis of partial differential equations arising in fluid mechanics and related areas. Possible topics include Euler equations and Navier‐Stokes equations of incompressible and compressible flows; existence, uniqueness, stability, regularity, singularities such as vortex sheets and shock waves; energy method, and Nash‐Moser method.

Connections with some problems in geometry may also be discussed. The course is self‐contained and is designed for the advanced undergraduate students and beginning graduate students.



Undergraduate partial differential equations


Reference for the course:

A. Chorin and J. E. Marsden, A Mathematical Introduction to Fluid Mechanics.
C. R. Doering, Applied Analysis of the Navier‐Stokes Equations.
G.‐Q. Chen and D. Wang, The Cauchy problem for the Euler equations compressible fluids.
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