Diffusion of Lorentz gases with flat points
Student No.:100
Time:Fri 16:30-17:30, Dec 14
Instructor:张宏坤 Zhang Honhkun  
Place:Lecture hall, Jin Chun Yuan West Bldg.
Starting Date:2018-12-14
Ending Date:2018-12-14

We investigate the diffusion properties of stochastic processed generated by various hyperbolic dynamical systems. This include modifications of billiards with cusps, dispersing billiards on a torus with infinite horizon, etc. The decay rates of correlations are proven to depend on the degree of the flat points, which varies from 1/n^a, for a>0. The stochastic processes generated by these systems experience different behaviors varying from normal diffusion, super-diffusion, or Levy stable diffusion.

About speaker:
Professor Hong-Kun Zhang is an expert in Statistical Properties of Hyperbolic Dynamical Systems including chaotic billiards. One major trend of Modern Dynamical Systems is to investigate the stochastic properties for random processes generated by chaotic dynamical systems, including the decay rates of correlations, Central Limit Theory and other probability limiting theorems. Her research field also extends to general stochastic processes and probability theory, with applications in financial mathematics using SDE and statistics, risk management using Extreme Value Theory, networks using stochastic analysis, and other fields generating time series using statistical methods.