Estimating effects from treatments given to human
Student No.:80
Time:Fri 16:30-17:30, Oct.12
Instructor:Per Johansson  
Place:Lecture Hall, Jin Chun Yuan West Bldg.
Starting Date:2018-10-12
Ending Date:2018-10-12

The talk deals with the problem of identifying causal effects from treatments given to human subjects rather than to animals or manipulated objects. I contrast randomized control trials to design based observational studies. Three examples of these designs are discussed by making use of recent published empirical applications in social insurance and health.

About Professor Per Johansson:
Per Johansson is currently professor in the Department of Statistics at Uppsala University. He received his PhD degree from the Umeå University in 1993. His research deals with the analysis of micro data in general (both methodological and applied). The applied work has mainly been in labor economics (effects of income security systems on labor market behavior, program evaluation, and economics of education) but he has also done research in transport economics.


Per Johansson现任瑞典乌普萨拉大学统计系教授。1993年毕业于瑞典于默奥大学并获博士学位。Johansson教授致力于微观数据的分析(方法与应用),研究领域包括劳动经济学(收入保障体系对劳动力市场行为、项目评估、教育经济学的影响),以及交通经济学等。