Holomorphic approximation: from weierstrass and runge to mergelyan
Student No.:80
Time:Tue & Wed 15:20-16:55, Oct.16-Nov.7
Instructor:John Erik Fornaess, Jujie Wu  
Place:Lecture Hal, Jin Chun Yuan West Bldg.
Starting Date:2018-10-16
Ending Date:2018-11-7

We will survey the theory of holomorphic approximation, from Classical 19th century results of Runge and Weierstrass, coutinuing with the 20th century work of Oka and Weil, Mergelyan, Vituskin and others, to the recent ones on higher dimensional manifolds. It also includes some new results and applications of this theory, especially to manifold-valued maps.

The theory of one complex variable and several complex variables.

HOLOMORPHIC APPROXIMATION:The legacy of Weierstrass, Runge, Oka-Weil, and Mergenyan.