Derived Functors in Algebraic and Birational Geometry
Student No.:40
Time:Tue & Thu 17:05-18:40, Sep.18-Dec.13
Instructor:Will Donovan  
Place:Conference Room 3, Jin Chun Yuan West Bldg.
Starting Date:2018-9-18
Ending Date:2018-12-13

Derived functors have powerful applications in algebraic geometry, in particular for formulating dualities, and for working with cohomology in relative settings. This course will develop their theory, along with ways to calculate them. The derived category of a variety gives a natural setting for derived functors. In recent decades, deep connections have been discovered between such derived categories and birational geometry: these will be introduced in the latter part of the course.

Prerequisite: Knowledge of algebraic geometry.

[1]A. Gathmann, Algebraic Geometry, available online, University of Kaiserslautern;
[2]R. Hartshorne, Algebraic Geometry, Springer Graduate Texts in Mathematics.