Abelian l-adic Representations
Student No.:40
Time:Mon & Wed 13:30-15:05, Sep.17-Dec.12
Instructor:许俊彦Chun-Yin Hui  
Place:Mon. at Lecture Hall; Wed. at Conference Room 3, Jin Chun Yuan West Bldg.
Starting Date:2018-9-17
Ending Date:2018-12-12

This course introduces the theory of abelian l-adic representations of number fields and its application to the arithmetic of algebraic varieties, e.g., elliptic curves.

Galois theory, group theory, basic topology.
Algebraic number theory and algebraic group theory are helpful but not necessary.

[1] J.-P. Serre, Abelian l-adic representations and elliptic curves, Research Notes in Mathematics Vol. 7 (2nd ed.), A K Peters (1998);
[2] J. Silverman, The arithmetic of elliptic curves, GTM 106 Springer-Verlag New York 2009.