Dimer Models and Representation Theory
Student No.:40
Time:Wed 08:00-09:35, Fri 09:50-11:25, Sep.17-Dec.12
Instructor:邱宇 Qiu Yu  
Place:Jing Zhai 304
Starting Date:2018-9-17
Ending Date:2018-12-12

We introduce dimer models and related topics, in particular, its related topics in representation theory of algebras. For example, we will cover/mention quiver representations, cluster theory, stability conditions and mirror symmetry.

Prerequisite: Basic undergraduate courses in analysis and (linear) algebra.

[1] A Dimer ABC, Raf Bocklandt, arxiv: 1510.04242;
[2] Dimer models and Calabi-Yau algebras, Nathan Broomhead, arxiv: 0901.4662;
[3] An introduction to the dimer model, Ricard Kenyon, arxiv: 0310326.