Introduction to planar algebras
Student No.:40
Time:Wed & Fri 09:50-11:25, Jun.22/27/29, Jul.6/11/13
Instructor:刘正伟 Liu Zhengwei  
Place:Conference Room 1, Jin Chun Yuan West Bldg.
Starting Date:2018-6-20
Ending Date:2018-7-13

I will give an introduction to planar algebras. I will talk about some interesting examples and classification results. The subtitles of the six lectures are:
1. Planar algebras
2. Graph planar algebras
3. Embedding theory
4. ADE classification
5. Bisch-Jones planar algebras
6. Bisch-Haagerup fish graphs


Linear algebras, topology.


[1] Planar algebras, I
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[2] The planar algebra of a bipartite graph
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[3] The embedding theorem for finite depth subfactor planar algebras
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[4] The classification of subfactors of index at most 5
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[5] Algebras associated to intermediate subfactors
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[6] Composed inclusions of A3 and A4 subfactors
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