Stein-Weiss Inequality on the Product Space
Student No.:80
Time:Thu 15:30-16:30, May.10
Instructor:Wang Zipeng  
Place:Lecture Hall, 3rd Floor of Jin Chun Yuan West Bldg.
Starting Date:2018-5-10
Ending Date:2018-5-10

We give an extension of the classical result by Stein and Weiss in 1958, into the product space, by studying strong fractional integral operator, whose kernel has singularity appeared on every coordinate subspace. Notice that product theory of harmonic analysis has seen little in progress since the 1980's, after a number of pioneering works established by Robert Fefferman and Stein. The new result in my presentation was conjectured when I was in Princeton, under the direction of Elias Stein.
It is proved recently, after a new framework invented.