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Sanya, China
Sanya is a beautiful city located in southern China. It has beautiful beaches and dreamlike underwater world. It is a good idea to combine participation to String-Math 2015 with a visit to the beautiful Sanya City! There are tons of options for outdoors activities in the beaches, such as diving,swimming,snorkeling,fishing excursion, etc. There are also tropical parks as well as shopping centers for you to explore. You may even be able to convince some of the local organizers to act as your tour guides!

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Visa Information
Ms. Qiao ( will assist you to apply tourist visa to attend the conference.
The tourist visa (L visa) is very simple and convenient for your Sanya trip.
In order to provide a formal invitation letter with a seal and a signature for you to apply for a tourist visa for String-Math 2015 Conference. You don’t need to apply the tourist visa if you already have got a visa for travel to China.
For more details about how to apply L visa, please check:




为参加String Math 2015年会议申请L签证,您需要一个正式的邀请函。