Workshop on Frontiers Mathematical Problems in Network Science and Data Geometry

To explore new directions and develop new methods are the key missions of TSIME. There are multiple issues of fundamental methodology arising from the network science,complex adaptive systems and Big Data. The typical issues include how to build on concepts and tools from the mathematical science basing on large quantities of data readily available, and how to evaluate mathematical models, explore them computationally, and analyze enormous amounts of observed and computed data.

This five-day workshop introduces the new trends in network science, complex adaptive systems and big data. Morning lectures on the most important topics will be given by internationally renowned experts. We will also discuss recent developments towards the dynamical network, and how to treat large amounts of data. The mostly lectures are focused at following topics, but not restricted.
(1) The development of models, algorithms, and mathematical tools for analyzing the network structures raising in various engineering fields. Such as the dynamical behavior and control strategy.
(2) The development of new insights or paradigms to the Data geometry, especially on big data analysis and high-dimensional data analysis in complex systems.


Dong-Yun YiNational University of Defense Technology
Yi-Cheng LiuNational University of Defense Technology
Cheng-Li ZhaoNational University of Defense Technology