作为基础科学的一部分,数学对于中国维持快速稳定发展以及实现下一步战略目标具有重要意义。国家经济和社会的发展需要强有力的数学教育,特别是年轻数学人才的培养作为基础。中国数学研究的发展以及提升青年学者的学术水平也需要在更广泛和更深入的层次上开展国际交流与合作。为了实现这一战略目标,2010年丘成桐教授提议在中国建立首个国际数学会议中心。丘成桐教授的倡议得到了清华大学、海南省政府和三亚市政府的大力支持,共同决定将在三亚市建立三亚国际数学论坛 (TSIMF)。2010年六月,三亚市政捐赠140亩地与清华大学,清华大学校校友史维学先生捐赠及负责建筑三亚国际数学论坛的所有设施。

三亚国际数学论坛大楼建立在环境优美的三亚凤凰镇凤凰岭,占地140亩。建筑面积逾28,000平方米, 其中包括可同时举办两个国际会议的先进会议设施(逾9,000平方米), 一个大型图书馆,宾馆(逾10,000平方米)及餐饮设施,一个游泳池,两个网球场及其他娱乐设施。




About Tsinghua Sanya International Mathematics Forum (TSIMF)

As part of the basic science, Mathematics is pivotal for China to sustain its fast development and to realize its next strategic goal. The future economical and social developments of the country demand the strengthening of mathematical education in general, and the training of talented young mathematics researchers in particular. Advancing mathematics research in the country, and elevating the research and academic level of the young scholars necessitate broader and deeper international exchange. To fulfill a crucial part of this strategic goal, in 2010 Prof. Shing Tung Yau initiated to establish the first international mathematics conference center in China. His initiative received strong support and endorsement by Tsinghua University, Hainan Provincial Government, and Sanya City Government. In June 2010, Sanya City Government donated 140 acres of land to Tsinghua University for the establishment of Tsinghua Sanya International Mathematics Forum (TSIMF). Mr. Shi Weixue, a Tsinghua Alumni, offered to contribute to the contribution of all the facilities of TSIMF.

The TSIMF's facilities are built on a 140-acre land surrounded by pristine environment at Phoenix Hill of Phoenix Township. The total square footage of all the facilities is over 28,000 square meter that includes state-of-the-art conference facilities (over 9,000 square meter) to hold two international workshops simultaneously, a large library, a guest house (over 10,000 square meter) and the associated catering facilities, a large swimming pool, two tennis courts and other recreational facilities.

Yau Mathematical Sciences Center (YMSC) of Tsinghua University, assisted by TSIMF's International Advisory Committee and Scientific Committee, will take charge of the academic and administrative operation of TSIMF.

The mission of TSIMF is to become a base for scientific innovations, and for nurturing of innovative human resource; through the interaction between leading mathematicians and core research groups in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, theoretical physics, applied physics, theoretical biology and other relating disciplines, TSIMF will provide a platform for exploring new directions, developing new methods, nurturing mathematical talents, and working to raise the level of mathematical research in China.

Learning from the successful experience of existing international mathematics institutes, TSIMF will explore a variety of formats to run its scientific programs.