Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Superconformal field theories in various dimensions 2017-10-9 2018-1-5 Babak Haghighat
  Topics in mathematical physics- supersymmetry 2017-10-9 2018-1-3 Li Si
  Solving equations with Hodge theory 2017-9-22 2017-9-23 Liu Kefeng (Presented by Yang Xiaokui)
  Some application of Hodge theory in Algebraic Geometry 2017-9-20 2017-10-30 Yi Zhang
  Harmonic functions on Riemannian manifolds 2017-9-19 2018-1-2 Xu Guoyi
  Introduction to Teichmüller theory 2017-9-19 2017-11-16 Wu Yunhui
  Bundles over Complex Tori and Abelian Varieties 2017-9-19 2018-1-2 Yuan Yao
  Geometry and topology of singularities in algebraic geometry 2017-9-19 2017-12-1 Zuo Huaiqing
  Tensor categories and 2d topological orders 2017-9-19 2017-10-17 Kong Liang
  几何、图论和计算机学的关系 2017-9-19 2017-9-25 Shing-Tung Yau


Title Start Date End Date Instructor
Seminar of Geometry and its relatives 2017-10-1 2017-11-9 Xu Guoyi
Ubiquity of root systems 2017-9-20 2018-1-17 Eduard looijenga, Zheng Zhiwei
Geometry and Physics Seminar 2017-9-19 2018-1-5 Li Si, Zong Zhengyu, Chen Jingyue, Wen Hao
Analysis Seminar 2017-9-19 2018-1-5 Yu Pin
Computational & Applied Mathematics (CAM) Seminar 2017-9-18 2018-1-5 Shi Zuoqiang
Uniform Persistence and Global Stability of a Well-Mixed Multiplex Epidemic Model with Distributed Time Delay 2017-9-11 2017-9-11 Yuhao Liang
Topics in complex geometry 2017-8-31 2017-9-21 Liu Kefeng
Boundary correlations in planar LERW and UST 2017-8-25 2017-8-25 Eveliina Peltola
AdS(AdS, duality and Strings) seminar 2017-8-24 2017-12-28 Babak Haghighat, Lin Hai, Rak-Kyeong Seong, Song Wei, Wenbin Yan, Wen Qiang, Xu Jianfei
A Clifford algebraic approach to reflection groups and root systems 2017-8-10 2017-8-10 Pierre Dechant
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