Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Lectures on Kähler Geometry and K-stability 2019-2-27 2019-5-17 Akito Futaki
  Statistical Analyses with Missing Data 2019-2-25 2019-6-14 Donald Rubin
  Generalized homology and cohomology theories 2019-2-25 2019-5-17 Thomas Farrell
  Ricci curvature and discrete geometric analysis 2019-2-25 2019-5-17 Lin Yong
  Introduction to W algebra 2019-2-25 2019-5-17 Xie Dan
  Isometric embedding and Riemannian metric 2019-2-25 2019-6-14 Xu Guoyi
  An introduction to cluster categories 2019-2-25 2019-5-17 Zhou Yu
  数学物理中的非线性偏微分方程 2019-2-25 2019-6-14 Luo Tianwen,Zeng Huihui
  Heights and L-series 2019-2-25 2019-5-17 Cai Li
  广义相对论选讲 2019-2-25 2019-5-17 Lu Wenxuan


Title Start Date End Date Instructor
Chia-Chiao Lin Distinguished Lecture 2018-12-9 2018-12-13 Remo Ruffini
Trends in Modern Geometry 2019-6-24 2019-6-28
Topological Insulators and obstruction to localization 2019-1-7 2019-1-7 Guillaume Bal (The University of Chicago)
Homological mirror symmetry and constructible sheaves 2018-12-28 2018-12-28 方博汉 Fang Bohan
A Szemeredi-type theorem for free groups 2018-12-25 2018-12-25 Hillel Furstenberg
String theory, gauge theories and integrable systems 2018-12-20 2018-12-20 Junya Yagi
On well posedness of Stochastic mass critical NLS 2018-12-19 2018-12-19 范晨捷 Fan Chenjie (University of Chicago)
Geometric Analysis Seminar 2018-12-14 2019-1-3 Xu Guoyi, Zhang Yingying
Interleaved Group Convolutions for Efficient Deep Neural Networks 2018-12-7 2018-12-7 王井东 Jingdong Wang
Long Time Behavior of the 2D Water Waves with Point Vortices 2018-12-4 2018-12-4 苏庆堂 Qingtang Su (University of Michigan)
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