Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Tsinghua Summer Workshop in Geometry and Physics 2018 2018-9-14 2018-9-16 Several organizer
  Canonical Kähler Metrics on Fano Manifolds 2018-9-4 2018-9-20 Toshiki Mabuchi
  On S.-T. Yau's pseudonorm project 2018-8-21 2018-8-30 Toshiki Mabuchi
  Fourier decay and spectral gaps for the stationary measures on the circle 2018-8-10 2018-8-10 李嘉伦 Li Jialun
  Introduction to p-adic Hodge theory 2018-8-7 2018-9-6 王浩然 Wang Haoran
  Analytic methods in algebraic geometry 2018-8-2 2018-8-30 肖建 Xiao Jian
  Affine Lie Algebras and Superalgebras 2018-7-31 2018-9-20 Yuval Flicker
  Global Existence,Blowup and Scattering for large data Supercritical and other wave equations 2018-7-26 2018-7-27 Avraham Soffer
  Counting curves in algebraic geometry 2018-7-23 2018-8-22 周杨 Zhou Yang
  Black Hole Stability 2018-7-23 2018-8-8 Jordan Keller


Title Start Date End Date Instructor
Teichmuller theory and related topics 2018-8-24 2018-8-26 Qiongling Li, Zhe Sun, Yunhui Wu
Isolated horizons, the Petrov type D equation and the Near Horizon Geometry equation 2018-8-23 2018-8-23 Jerzy Lewandowski
Computational & Applied Mathematics (CAM) Seminar 2018-8-22 2018-8-22 Shi Zuoqiang, Yu Hui
Singularity, Sasaki-Einstein manifold and 4d N=1 AdS/CFT correspondence 2018-8-15 2018-8-15 谢丹 Xie Dan
Symplectic geometry of the moduli space of projective structures 2018-8-15 2018-8-16 Marco Bertola
On the observation of supernovae in the late phases of Gamma-Ray Bursts 2018-8-9 2018-8-9 Remo Ruffini
Higher-genus Wall-crossing in the Landau-Ginzburg Theory 2018-8-7 2018-8-7 周杨 Zhou Yang
Analysis of Teukolsky equations in Kerr spacetimes 2018-8-6 2018-8-6 马思远 Ma Siyuan
Chen-Ying Chiou Distinguished Lecture 2018-7-16 2018-7-16 季向东 Ji Xiangdong
Modelling rare events in complex systems 2018-6-15 2018-6-15 任维清 Ren Weiqing
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