Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Canonical Kähler Metrics on Fano Manifolds 2018-9-4 2018-9-20 Toshiki Mabuchi
  On S.-T. Yau's pseudonorm project 2018-8-21 2018-8-30 Toshiki Mabuchi
  Introduction to p-adic Hodge theory 2018-8-7 2018-9-6 王浩然 Wang Haoran
  Analytic methods in algebraic geometry 2018-8-2 2018-8-30 肖建 Xiao Jian
  Affine Lie Algebras and Superalgebras 2018-7-24 2018-9-20 Yuval Flicker
  Counting curves in algebraic geometry 2018-7-23 2018-8-22 周杨 Zhou Yang
  Convergents of Simultaneous Approximation 2018-7-17 2018-8-16 张翼华 Yitwah Cheung
  Quasiconformal and harmonic maps on surfaces 2018-7-9 2018-7-30 罗峰 Luo Feng
  Information Geometry: Introduction and Advanced Topics 2018-7-9 2018-7-30 张俊 Zhang Jun
  Introduction to affine Springer theory 2018-7-3 2018-8-2 池敬人 Chi Jingren


Title Start Date End Date Instructor
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