New World Mathematics Awards

Mathematics and mathematics education are of great significance in human pursuit of knowledge and truth. They are the foundation of science and technology. In 2007, Dr Henry Cheng, Managing Director of New World Development Company Limited and Professor Yau Shing-Tung, an outstanding mathematician, co-initiated the “New World Mathematics Awards" (NWMA). The goal of this program is to encourage outstanding Chinese mathematics students worldwide in their pursuit of mathematical truth.

The NWMA is sponsored by the New World Development Company Limited and China Young Leaders Foundation, organized by the International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians, co-organized by Tsinghua University. Chinese undergraduate and PhD mathematics students from around the world who have completed or defended their thesis in 2018 or 2019 are qualified to participate. The topics of theses can be Pure or Applied Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, Biomathematics etc.


The deadline for NWMA 2019 nomination and application is April 15, 2019.