Top 10 Unique Characteristics of Stan Osher

By Tony Chan

On the occasion of his 70th birthday conference in Tsinghua University, Beijing, Dec 15, 2012

10. He is the Steve Jobs of Math. (As they say in Silicon Valley, one hit may be lucky, two hits takes talent, three hits very rare. Stan has at least three hits: ENO, TV, Level Sets.)

9. He looks for a TV in every room! (from Shen Zuowei)

8. So famous in Hong Kong there is a whole town named after him (Stanley)!

7. More New York than Hillary and more LA than Streisand.

6. Among his students and postdocs are two worldclass weightlifters, one Academy Award winner and one who aims to cure all human diseases.

5. In my over 26 years of being Stan's colleague at UCLA, I have never been able to find a place to sit in his office. Every available surface (other than his own chair) is covered by papers and books!

4. He travels so much he suffers jet lag when not travelling.

3. He speaks as fast as his algorithms run!

2. He writes so fast nobody, maybe with the exception of Babette (his secretary of over 30 years), can read his handwriting.

1. He is the "O" in "ENO". (ENO stands for Essenstially Non-Oscillatory but insiders also know that it also means Engquist N Osher.)


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