Imaging Science, a workshop in honor of Stanley Osher

Imaging science is an important area of research in which mathematics has played a major role in advancing the state of the art. Over the past few decades, many revolutionary ideas from applied and computational mathematics have been developed in the context of imaging science with great success. The first CAM-ICCM has chosen imaging science as its main theme, to demonstrate the power of mathematics in applications and to motivate workshop participants who are applied mathematicians to learn more challenging mathematical and computational issues from imaging science for future work.

Professor Stanley Osher has been a pioneer in developing fundamental mathematics techniques such as level set methods, PDE based image processing, and optimization tools to advance imaging science. He has also contributed significantly to applied mathematics in China, through the training of graduate students and other young scholars and giving lectures in universities and research institutions in China. This first CAM-ICCM workshop on imaging sciences is in honor of Professor Stanley Osher on the occasion of his 70th birthday.


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