Summer,2018  Short Course

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  On S.-T. Yau's pseudonorm project 2018-8-21 2018-8-30 Toshiki Mabuchi
  Affine Lie Algebras and Superalgebras 2018-7-24 2018-9-20 Yuval Flicker
  Introduction to affine Springer theory 2018-7-3 2018-8-2 池敬人 Chi Jingren
  Introduction to Geometric Analysis 2018-7-3 2018-7-31 王丽涵 Wang Lihan
  Reinforced random walk 2018-7-2 2018-7-30 曾小林 Zeng Xiaolin
  Introduction to Riemann surfaces and algebraic curves 2018-6-19 2018-8-14 季理真 Ji Lizhen
  Introduction to Bridgeland stability conditions 2018-6-4 2018-8-8 范祐维 Yu-Wei Fan
  Modular and automorphic forms & beyond 2018-6-4 2018-7-30 Hossein Movasati
  Cluster Duality and Canonical Basis of Grassmannian 2018-6-1 2018-6-29 翁达平 Weng Daping
  Recent progress on pointwise convergence of Schrodinger equations 2018-5-29 2018-6-7 李晓春 Li Xiaochun

Spring,2018  Modern Mathematics Lecture Series

Spring,2018  Short Course

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Critical Thresholds, Entropy and Structure-preserving Algorithms 2018-5-16 2018-5-29 Liu Hailiang
  Moduli Spaces, Geometric Invariant Theory and Birational Geometry 2018-5-9 2018-8-2 Hu Yi
  Geometry of quasi-Fuchsian manifolds 2018-4-25 2018-5-16 Greg McShane
  Integrable Geometry: Curves, Surfaces and Flows 2018-4-11 2018-6-20 Franz Pedit
  Complex hyperbolicity 2018-4-9 2018-6-6 谢松晏 Xie Songyan
  Stability conditions and cluster varieties from surfaces 2018-4-3 2018-4-26 Dylan Allegretti
  Aspects of String Geometry 2018-4-2 2018-4-25 George Papadopoulos
  Pseudorandom graphs and the Green-Tao theorem 2018-3-27 2018-3-29 Yufei Zhao
  Introduction to the h-principle 2018-3-7 2018-3-28 Bernhard Hanke
  K-stability for polarized manifolds and the geometry of test configurations 2018-2-28 2018-3-30 Toshiki Mabuchi

Spring,2018  Seminar

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Geometric Representation Seminar 2018-3-9 2018-6-15 Shan Peng
  AdS(Algeometry, duality and Strings) seminar 2018-3-8 2018-6-21 Song Wei, Yan Wenbin, Lin Hai, Xu Jianfei
  Geometry and Physics Seminar 2018-3-6 2018-6-11 Li Si, He Weiqiang, Zong Zhengyu
  Stein-Weiss Inequality on the Product Space 2018-5-10 2018-5-10 Wang Zipeng
  Recent results on non-uniqueness of admissible solutions to the Riemann problem for multi-D isentropic Euler equations 2018-4-4 2018-4-4 Ondřej Kreml
  On the finiteness of the classifying space for the family of virtually cyclic subgroups 2018-3-22 2018-3-22 Wu Xiaolei
  Geometric Analysis Seminar 2018-3-17 2018-7-1 Xu Guoyi, Zhang Yingying
  AG Seminar Spring 2018 2018-3-15 2018-6-7 Eduard Looijenga, Fu Lei, Xu Quan, Pan Jinzhao
  Orbifold motivic cohomology and K-theory 2018-3-14 2018-3-14 Toan Nguyen Manh
  Dynamics seminar 2018-3-8 2018-6-14 Xue Jinxin, Huang Guan, Wang Lin
  Computational & Applied Mathematics (CAM) Seminar 2018-3-8 2018-6-13 Shi Zuoqiang
  Problem section talks 2018-3-1 2018-6-14 Xu Guoyi

Spring,2018  Course by Members

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Lectures on Kähler geometry and K-stability 2018-4-11 2018-6-15 Akito Futaki
  Representation theory of p-adic reductive groups 2018-4-9 2018-6-14 Xu Bin
  线性及非线性波 2018-3-27 2018-6-14 曾惠慧
  Introduction to conservation laws 2018-3-9 2018-6-15 Luo Tianwen
  Singularities in birational geometry 2018-3-8 2018-6-14 Zuo Huaiqing
  An introduction to Cohen-Macaulay representations 2018-3-7 2018-6-15 Zhou Yu
  Topics in low dimensional topology 2018-3-6 2018-6-14 Tian Yin
  广义相对论选讲 2018-3-6 2018-6-15 卢文轩
  Brane dynamics and supersymmetric gauge theories 2018-3-6 2018-6-14 Rak-Kyeong Seong
  PDE-based methods in image processing and data analysis 2018-3-6 2018-6-15 Shi Zuoqiang
  Introduction to algebraic surfaces 2018-3-6 2018-6-14 Wu Baosen
  偏微分方程引论2 2018-3-6 2018-6-12 于品
  Topics in semilinear elliptic PDEs 2018-3-5 2018-6-14 Chen Zhijie
  Global minimizing methods in dynamical systems 2018-3-5 2018-6-12 Wang Lin
  6d superconformal field theories and their compactifications to lower dimensions 2018-3-5 2018-6-15 Babak Haghighat
  Introduction to Hecke Alegbra 2018-3-5 2018-6-12 Ma Xiaoguang
  Smoothings and controlled topology 2018-3-5 2018-6-13 Thomas Farrell
  An introduction to Kontsevich’s characteristic classes for higher dimensional sphere bundles 2018-3-5 2018-6-13 Jiang Yi
  Topics in algebraic number theory 2018-3-5 2018-6-13 Cai Li, Liu Yu
  Modular forms from the algebraic geometric point of view 2018-3-5 2018-6-14 Chen Zongbin
  Discontinuous Galerkin methods 2018-3-5 2018-6-13 Du Jie
  Introduction to Waves in Random Media 2018-3-5 2018-6-14 Jing Wenjia

Spring,2018  Distinguished Lecture

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Loo-Keng Hua Distinguished Lecture 2018-4-3 2018-4-13 Laurent Fargues
  Machine Learning in Financial Modeling 2018-3-20 2018-3-20 Agus Sudjianto
  Pao-Lu Hsu Distinguished Lecture 2018-3-15 2018-3-19 David Donoho
  Essential concepts of causal inference - a remarkable history 2018-3-12 2018-3-12 Donald Rubin