Autumn,2014  Course by Members

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Gravitational Waves 2014-11-18 2014-1-6 Abul Masood-ul-Alam
  Harmonic maps and heat flows 2014-10-16 2014-12-31 Ning Jiang
  Basic course on strings and mathematics 1 2014-10-15 2014-12-24 Hiroyuki Fuji,Francois-Xavier Machu
  【Cancled】Some Basic Aspects of String Theory 2014-10-10 2014-12-26 Hiroyuki Fuji
  Introduction to Second Order Elliptic Partial Differential Equations 2014-10-10 2014-12-5 Shiu-Yuen Cheng
  Geometry Processing 2014-10-8 2014-12-31 Jian Sun
  Finite Groups (本科生) 2014-9-23 2014-12-25 Pin Yu
  Theoretical Physics before 1970 2014-9-23 2014-11-13 Abul Masood-ul-Alam

Autumn,2014  Course by Visitors

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Arithmetic of adjoint L-values 2014-12-8 2014-12-31 Haruzo Hida
  Introduction to arithmetic groups and locally symmetric spaces 2014-12-1 2014-12-10 Lizhen Ji
  Solving Einstein's Equation Numerically 2014-11-6 2014-12-12 Lee Lindblom
  An Introduction to Hyperbolic Geometry 2014-10-13 2014-11-19 Timothy Marshall
  Mixed Hodge theory of complex algebraic varieties 2014-10-9 2014-12-4 Joseph Steenbrink
  Kac's program in kinetic theory 2014-10-8 2014-10-31 Kleber Carrapatoso
  Abelian Varieties 2014-9-18 2014-11-20 Gerard van der Geer
  Deformation Quantization 2014-9-9 2014-9-19 Si Li
  Interface Problems and Level Set Method 2014-9-1 2014-9-24 Li-Tien Cheng
  Kinetic theory and kinetic PDEs in biology 2014-9-1 2014-11-5 Hailiang Liu
  Analytical Aspects of Moduli Spaces 2014-9-1 2015-1-14 Xiaofeng Sun

Autumn,2014  Introduction to Modern Mathematics Lecture Series

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Delocalized twisted equivariant cohomology 2014-12-26 2014-12-26 Ping Xu
  Waves in Discrete Chains: Looking from the Boundary 2014-11-28 2014-11-28 Shaoqiang Tang
  抛物方程反向唯一性与Landies, Oleinik猜想 2014-11-21 2014-11-21 Liqun Zhang
  Mathematics of Ranking -- A Geometric Perspective 2014-11-14 2014-11-14 Yuan Yao
  Geometry of nilpotent orbits 2014-10-31 2014-10-31 Baohua Fu
  The First and Second Fundamental Theorems of Invariant Theory of Classical Supergroups 2014-10-17 2014-10-17 Ruibin Zhang
  Stratifications on Moduli Spaces 2014-10-10 2014-10-10 Gerard van der Geer
  Modules of constant Jordan type 2014-9-26 2014-9-26 Jon F. Carlson

Autumn,2014  MSC Distinguished Lecture Series

Title Start Date End Date Instructor

Autumn,2014  Seminar

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Canonical bases for the quantum supergroups U(glm|n) 2015-1-9 2015-1-9 Jie Du
  A Lower bound for the nodal sets of Steklov eigenfunctions Part II 2015-1-8 2015-1-8 Xing Wang
  Recent progress on the decay of Maxwell Klein-Gordon equations 2015-1-8 2015-1-8 Shiwu Yang
  Analysis with Electronic Health Records 2014-12-31 2014-12-31 Sheng Yu
  An introduction to SYZ mirror symmetry 2014-12-31 2014-12-31 Siu-Cheong Lau
  Regularized Outcome Weighted Subgroup Identification for Differential Treatment Effects 2014-12-24 2014-12-24 Sijian Wang
  Morningside Center - Tshinghua Mathematical Sciences Center Joint Seminar in Mathematical General Relativity 2014-12-22 2014-12-22 Xianghui Luo
  Sparse Integrative Clustering of Multiple “Omic” Data Sets 2014-12-19 2014-12-19 Sijian Wang
  Robust Orthogonal Complement Principal Component Analysis 2014-12-19 2014-12-19 Yiyuan She
  New Adaptive Designs of Modern Clinical Trials 2014-12-18 2014-12-18 Feifang Hu
  Meta-analysis based variable selection for gene expression data 2014-12-17 2014-12-17 Sijian Wang
  On the topology of black hole spacetimes 2014-12-17 2014-12-17 Lars Andersson
  Spin geometry of the Kerr spacetime 2014-12-15 2014-12-15 Lars Andersson
  Putting the Higgs Boson in it's place: the quest to excite the empty universe 2014-12-12 2014-12-12 Melissa Franklin
  “The Master’s hand”--Can image analysis detect the hand of the master? 2014-12-12 2014-12-12 Ingrid Daubechies
  Hearing symmetric potentials of Schrodinger operators 2014-12-9 2014-12-9 Zuoqin Wang
  Complex analysis in infinite dimensional spaces 2014-12-9 2014-12-18 Laszlo Lempert
  What is a D-module ? 2014-12-5 2014-12-5 Joseph Steenbrink
  Discovery Research with EMR 2014-12-2 2014-12-2 Tianxi Cai
  Two-dimensional solutions to the c-Plateau problem 2014-12-2 2014-12-2 Leobardo Rosales
  Generalizing Principal Components Analysis 2014-11-26 2014-11-26 Naomi Altman
  Isoparametric foliations on riemannian manifolds 2014-11-18 2014-11-18 Chao Qian
  Harmonic functions on Riemannian manifolds and graphs 2014-11-18 2014-11-18 Bobo Hua
  Nonlinear stability of the Boltzmann Equation in a periodic box 2014-10-27 2014-10-27 Kung-Chien Wu
  Lifespan of Classical Solutions to Quasilinear Wave Equations Outside of a Star-Shaped Obstacle in Four Space Dimensions 2014-10-27 2014-10-27 Dongbing Zha
  Integral canonical models and Langlands-Rapoport conjecture for Shimura varieties of abelian type 2014-10-13 2015-1-12 Chao Zhang
  Surface geometry in spacetime 2014-10-7 2014-10-10 Mu-Tao Wang
  Tilting theory 2014-9-24 2014-12-31 Bangming Deng,Shiquan Ruan
  From symplectic singularities to noncommutative geometry. A program. 2014-9-24 2014-9-24 Christian Blohmann
  Representation Theory and Related Topics 2014-9-23 2014-12-30 Bangming Deng,Jie Xiao,Fan Xu,Bin Zhu
  Lectures on Hodge theory of isolated hypersurface 2014-9-22 2014-9-26 Mohammad Reza Rahmati
  Seminar in Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAM) 2014-9-20 2014-9-20 Ning Su,Hailiang Liu,Li-Tien Cheng
  Projective hypersurfaces with 1-dimensional singularities 2014-9-15 2014-9-15 Dirk Siersma
  Symplectic Laplacians and Boundary Condition 2014-9-3 2014-9-3 Lihan Wang
  Marginally Deformed Gauge Theory from Twistor String Theory 2014-9-2 2014-9-2 Jun-Bao Wu

Spring,2014  Course by Members

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  The Geometry of the Scalar Curvature 2014-3-13 2014-6-12 Vlad Moraru
  Some Basic Aspects of Quantum Field Theory 2014-3-6 2014-6-12 Hiroyuki Fuji
  Topics on discrete geometry 2014-3-6 2014-6-5 Jian Sun,Pin Yu
  Spinor Analysis on Riemannian 3-manifolds 2014-2-25 2014-6-5 Abul Masood-ul-Alam
  Quadratic forms in Algebraic Geometry 2014-2-24 2014-5-28 Francois-Xavier Machu

Spring,2014  Course by Visitors

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Introduction to low dimensional geometry and topology 2014-5-20 2014-8-28 Feng Luo
  An introduction to CAT(0) geometry 2014-5-12 2014-6-9 Yunhui Wu
  The Infinity-Laplace Equation 2014-5-9 2014-5-30 Peter Lindqvist
  Conformal Field Theory and Vertex Algebras (canceled) 2014-5-7 2014-6-25 Ramadas Ramakrishnan
  Introduction to classical Invariant Theory 2014-4-21 2014-5-14 Claudio Procesi
  现代初等数论 2014-4-16 2014-6-13 Liming Ge
  Introduction to Gromov-Witten Theory 2014-4-3 2014-4-29 Chiu-Chu Melissa Liu
  Complex analysis of several variables 2014-3-18 2014-6-26 Daowei Ma
  Introduction to Geometric Measure Theory 2014-2-25 2014-4-24 Leon Simon

Spring,2014  Introduction to Modern Mathematics Lecture Series

Title Start Date End Date Instructor

Spring,2014  MSC Distinguished Lecture Series

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Tsinghua University Chia-Chiao Lin Distinguished Lecture 2014-5-23 2014-6-6 Björn Engquist
  Tsinghua University Chia-Chiao Lin Distinguished Lecture 2014-5-7 2014-5-9 Joel A. Smoller

Spring,2014  Seminar

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  《红楼梦》中玄机多 2014-5-23 2014-5-23 Hongzhi An
  Quantum Groups, R-Matrices and the Temperley-Lieb Category 2014-5-22 2014-5-29 Gus Lehrer
  Translation lengths of parabolic isometries of CAT(0) spaces and its application to the geometry and topology of Hadamard manifolds 2014-5-21 2014-5-21 Yunhui Wu
  Morse theory, revisited 2014-5-7 2014-5-7 Naichung Conan Leung
  Rigidity and Classification Theorems in Geometry and Topology of Manifolds 2014-4-23 2014-4-23 Juanru Gu
  The work of Gross-Keel-Hacking 2014-4-10 2014-4-10 Helge Ruddat
  Introduction to the Gross-Siebert program 2014-4-9 2014-4-9 Helge Ruddat
  Global C^2 estimates for convex solutions of curvature equations 2014-4-9 2014-4-9 Zhizhang Wang
  The geometry of constant mean curvature surfaces embedded in R^3 2014-4-9 2014-4-11 Giuseppe Tinaglia
  Towards mirror symmetry for varieties of general type 2014-4-8 2014-4-8 Helge Ruddat
  Some application of the theory of calibrations 2014-4-2 2014-4-2 Yongsheng Zhang
  Double-bootstrap Methods that Use a Single Double-bootstrap Simulation 2014-3-26 2014-3-26 Jinyuan Chang
  Seminar on Computing: Numerical methods for PDEs on manifold 2014-3-3 2014-5-26 Jian Sun,Zuoqiang Shi
  Seminar: Moduli of vector bundles on curves 2014-2-28 2014-6-13 Eduard Looijenga,Shenghao Sun,Yao Yuan,Minxian Zhu

Summer,2014  Course by Members

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Computational Conformal Geometry 2014-8-4 2014-8-27 Xianfeng David Gu,Jian Sun
  Modular functions and their CM values 2014-6-30 2014-8-6 Tonghai Yang

Summer,2014  Course by Visitors

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Conformal restriction, Brownian motion, and SLE 2014-8-18 2014-8-29 Hao Wu
  The Calabi-Yau Theorem and some generalizations 2014-8-6 2014-9-1 Valentino Tosatti
  On the category O of semisimple Lie algebras 2014-7-30 2014-9-24 Peng Shan
  Curves and Hyperbolic Geometry on Surfaces 2014-7-17 2014-8-14 Tian Yang
  Propagation of chaos for stochastic interacting particle system 2014-7-17 2014-8-14 Jian-Guo Liu
  SYZ mirror symmetry, Lagrangian intersection theory and stability 2014-7-9 2014-7-18 Siu-Cheong Lau
  Topics on quadratic forms 2014-7-9 2014-7-21 Yong Hu
  An introduction to the theory of minimal sets 2014-7-8 2014-8-14 Xiangyu Liang
  Triangulations and combinatorial differential geometry 2014-7-7 2014-7-16 Stephan Tillmann
  L^2-theory and Spectral analysis of complex Laplacians 2014-7-7 2014-7-23 Siqi Fu
  Representation theory of Galois and of GL_2 2014-7-3 2014-7-17 Yongquan Hu
  Tautological ring of moduli spaces of curves 2014-7-3 2014-7-21 Hao Xu
  Extra Structures on Fundamental Groups and application(s) 2014-7-3 2014-7-17 Shanwen Wang,Jilong Tong
  Introduction to the affine springer fibers 2014-7-2 2014-7-21 Zongbin Chen
  Intersection Theory and Enumerative Geometry 2014-7-2 2014-8-7 Dawei Chen
  Introduction to Lie groups and transformation groups 2014-6-17 2014-8-19 Lizhen Ji
  Lectures on Deformations Theory 2014-6-4 2014-7-21 Yi Hu

Summer,2014  Introduction to Modern Mathematics Lecture Series

Title Start Date End Date Instructor

Summer,2014  Seminar

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Simple singularities and cluster algebras of type A_n 2014-8-15 2014-8-15 Thomas Bruestle
  Hyperbolic graph structure induced by self-similar set 2014-7-31 2014-7-31 Jun Jason Luo
  Curvature and Fundamental Groups 2014-7-30 2014-7-30 Xiaochun Rong
  On Fourier Coefficients of Automorphic Forms 2014-7-28 2014-7-28 Baiying Liu
  How Effective is Email Marketing?- Evidence from an Online Ticket Marketplace 2014-7-23 2014-7-23 Kate J. Li
  Convolutional Autoregressive Model for Functional Time Series 2014-7-22 2014-7-22 Xialu Liu
  Wald Tests of Singular Hypotheses 2014-7-17 2014-7-17 Han Xiao
  Geometric approach to Schur duality of classic type 2014-7-2 2014-7-2 Zhaobing Fan
  Testing gene-environment interactions in the presence of measurement error and time-varying exposures 2014-6-27 2014-6-27 Chongzhi Di
  Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations of Multicellular Aggregate Self-Assembly in Biofabrication 2014-6-20 2014-6-20 Sun Yi
  Complexities in Age-standardization and a Novel Approach An Illustration using US Life Insurance Policy Sales Data and Cancer Mortality Data 2014-6-19 2014-6-19 Wenjiang Fu
  Finite dimensional variational principles on triangulated surfaces 2014-6-18 2014-6-18 Feng Luo
  Maximal green sequences and upper cluster algebras 2014-6-16 2014-6-16 Kyungyong Lee
  Big data analysis: concepts, methods and computation 2014-6-16 2014-6-16 Sijian Wang
  A Dynamically Bi-Orthogonal Method for Time-Dependent Stochastic Partial Differential Equation 2014-6-13 2014-6-13 Zhiwen Zhang
  Nonlinear Filtering and Stochastic Control 2014-6-3 2014-6-12 Tyrone Duncan