Autumn,2013  Course by Members

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Riemannian Geometry on Four-Manifolds 2013-9-26 2014-1-2 Abul Masood-ul-Alam
  Representation theory seminar: Hall algebras and Cherednik algebras 2013-9-18 2013-12-18 Bangming Deng,Xiaoguang Ma,Fan Xu

Autumn,2013  Course by Visitors

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Some topics in analytic number theory 2013-12-24 2014-1-16 Han Wu
  Zeta Functions and Their Zeros 2013-11-12 2013-12-18 Lin Weng
  Solving Einstein's Equation Numerically Using Spectral Methods 2013-11-8 2013-11-29 Lee Lindblom
  Introduction to conformal field theory 2013-10-14 2013-11-6 Ramadas Ramakrishnan
  Hodge Theory 2013-10-8 2013-12-3 Joseph Steenbrink
  Einstein’s Geometric Theory of Gravity 2013-9-16 2014-1-15 James M. Nester
  Motives and multiple zeta values 2013-9-16 2013-11-27 Spencer Bloch
  Introduction to Nonparametric Statistics and Machine Learning 2013-9-16 2014-1-8 Michael Yu Zhu

Autumn,2013  Introduction to Modern Mathematics Lecture Series

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  The topology of locally symmetric spaces 2013-12-27 2013-12-27 Lizhen Ji
  Statistical Calibration of RNA-Seq Gene Expression Data Using Measurement Error Models 2013-12-6 2013-12-6 Michael Yu Zhu
  Statistical Analysis of Genetic Interactions 遗传相互作用的统计分析 2013-11-29 2013-11-29 Minghua Deng
  k-Yamabe problem 2013-11-22 2013-11-22 Weimin Sheng
  Li-Yau inequality on Graphs 2013-11-15 2013-11-15 Yong Lin
  Smoothings of isolated singularities 2013-11-8 2013-11-8 Joseph Steenbrink
  A toy vertex algebra 2013-11-1 2013-11-1 Ramadas Ramakrishnan
  Coupling method for Harnack inequality and integration by parts formula 2013-10-11 2013-10-11 Fengyu Wang
  Some open questions in the theory of Donaldson-Thomas invariants 2013-9-13 2013-9-13 Yan Soibelman

Autumn,2013  MSC Distinguished Lecture Series

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Tsinghua University Loo-Keng Hua Distinguished Lecture 2013-11-8 2013-11-8 Laurent Lafforgue
  Tsinghua University Pao-Lu Hsu Distinguished Lecture 2013-10-16 2013-10-25 David O. Siegmund
  Tsinghua University Pao-Lu Hsu Distinguished Lecture 2013-9-25 2013-9-27 Peter Bickel
  Tsinghua University Loo-Keng Hua Distinguished Lecture 2013-8-23 2013-8-23 Yitang Zhang

Autumn,2013  Seminar

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Geometry Seminar: Lipschitz continuity of harmonic maps from Alexandrov spaces 2014-1-2 2014-1-2 Hui-Chun Zhang
  On Area Comparison and Rigidity Involving the Scalar Curvature 2014-1-2 2014-1-2 Vlad Moraru
  Workshop on Representation Theory of Algebras 2013-12-28 2013-12-29 Bangming Deng, Jie Xiao, Fan Xu, Bin Zhu
  Generalized Bondi-Sachs equations for numerical relativity 2013-12-27 2013-12-27 Zhoujian Cao
  Integrable Surface Geometry I and II 2013-12-27 2013-12-30 Franz Pedit
  Conditional Inferential Models: Combining Information for Exact Prior-Free Probabilistic Inference 2013-12-26 2013-12-26 Chuanhai Liu
  Recent Progress on the Search of 3D Euler Singularities 2013-12-18 2013-12-18 Thomas Yizhao Hou
  An Introduction to Variable Selection in Big Data Analysis 2013-12-17 2013-12-27 Sijian Wang
  Multi-agent inference in social networks: a finite population approach 2013-12-17 2013-12-17 Xin Tong
  150 Years of Mathematics at Harvard 2013-12-15 2013-12-15 Shing-Tung Yau
  Reaching for Einstein's Dream: In Search of the Unified Theory 2013-12-15 2013-12-15 Brian Greene
  Variations on a theme of Borel 2013-12-10 2013-12-13 Shmuel Weinberger
  Sparsity in signal and image processing: from modeling and representation to reconstruction and processing 2013-12-10 2013-12-10 Ali Mohammad-Djafari
  Variational Bayesian Approximation for Linear Inverse Problems with a hierarchical prior models 2013-12-9 2013-12-9 Ali Mohammad-Djafari
  Geometry Seminar: A flow on cscK metrics 2013-11-28 2013-11-28 Yi Li
  Globally Optimal Cortical Surface Matching with Landmark Correspondence (A Practical Application of Hyperbolic Geometry) 2013-10-15 2013-10-15 Nina Amenta
  Seminar on Geometric Imaging and Scientific Computing 2013-10-10 2013-12-26 Jian Sun,Zuoqiang Shi
  Mirror symmetry for log Calabi-Yau varieties (a joint seminar with Peking University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences) 2013-9-26 2013-12-19 Eduard Looijenga,Chenyang Xu,Yuguang Zhang
  Variational Principles for Discrete Optimal Transport, and Discrete Monge-Ampere Equations 2013-9-17 2013-9-17 Jian Sun
  Hodge metric completion of the Teichmuller space of Calabi-Yau manifolds 2013-9-13 2013-9-13 Xiaojing Chen, Feng Guan
  Big Data Analytics for All: A Statistical Perspective 2013-9-4 2013-9-4 Ping Ma
  A supermassive black hole in our Milky Way 2013-8-30 2013-8-30 Shengnian Xu

Spring,2013  Course by Members

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Seminars on nonlinear PDE 2013-4-3 2013-6-19 Yutao Ding
  Reading Seminar on Automorphic Representations 2013-3-12 2013-5-28 Li Cai
  Kac's conjecture and quiver varieties 2013-3-6 2013-6-5 Fan Xu,Fan Qin
  Geometry Processing 2013-3-4 2013-5-29 Jian Sun
  Spinor Analysis on Riemannian 3-manifolds 2013-2-25 2013-6-5 Abul Masood-ul-Alam

Spring,2013  Course by Visitors

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Quantum Teichmuller theory 2013-6-4 2013-6-27 Rinat Kashaev
  Representation Theory of p-adic groups and the local Langlands correspondence 2013-6-4 2013-6-27 Dipendra Prasad
  Introduction to microlocal sheaf theory and applications 2013-5-28 2013-6-13 David Treumann
  Introduction to geometric group theory 2013-5-21 2013-5-30 Lizhen Ji
  Ricci Flow and the Poincare Conjecture 2013-5-21 2013-6-6 Richard Hamilton
  Kinetic Theory, Mean Field Game and Applications 2013-5-17 2013-6-14 Jian-Guo Liu
  Topics on Toric Geometry and Some Moduli Problems 2013-5-14 2013-5-16 Yi Hu
  Introduction to Teichmuller space of surfaces and hyperbolic 3-manifolds 2013-5-10 2013-6-13 Feng Luo
  Reflection groups in geometric group theory 2013-5-8 2013-6-5 Michael W. Davis
  Nonlinear Schroedinger equations on the torus 2013-5-7 2013-5-30 Wang Wei-Min
  Calabi-Yau Manifolds and Mirror Symmetry 2013-4-1 2013-4-24 Philip Candelas
  Triangulations and combinatorial differential geometry 2013-3-26 2013-4-26 Hyam Rubinstein
  Topics in Spectral Geometry 2013-3-18 2013-5-22 Richard Schoen
  Rational Surfaces and Singularities 2013-3-5 2013-3-29 Eduard Looijenga
  Structure of algebraic groups 2013-3-4 2013-3-27 Michel Brion
  Introductory Lectures On Manifold Topology 2013-3-1 2013-7-3 Thomas Farrell
  Contemporary Topics in Teichmuller Theory by Riemannian Geometric Techniques 2013-2-28 2013-3-21 Michael Wolf
  Design and analysis of approximation algorithms 2013-2-26 2013-5-9 Ker-I Ko
  Methods of Geometric Analysis in Fluid Mechanics 2013-2-26 2013-4-16 Demetrios Christodoulou,Shuang Miao

Spring,2013  Introduction to Modern Mathematics Lecture Series

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Extending Black Hole Uniqueness Theorems: Uniqueness of Magnetized Schwarzschild 2013-6-7 2013-6-7 Abul Masood-ul-Alam
  An Overview of Mirror Symmetry 2013-5-31 2013-5-31 Eric Zaslow
  OPTIMAL TRANSPORTATION IN THE 21st CENTURY 2013-5-31 2013-5-31 Neil Trudinger
  Nonlinear Fourier series and applications to PDE 2013-5-24 2013-5-24 Wang Wei-Min
  Global well-posedness of 2D Cauchy problem of compressible 2013-5-17 2013-5-17 Quansen Jiu
  Compressible Navier-Stokes equations with free boundary 2013-5-17 2013-5-17 Hailiang Li
  The geometry and topology of Coxeter groups 2013-5-10 2013-5-10 Michael W. Davis
  Rigidity: topological and smooth 2013-4-26 2013-4-26 Thomas Farrell
  A priori estimates for free boundary problem of incompressible inviscid magnetohydrodynamic flows 2013-4-19 2013-4-19 Chengchun Hao
  Asymptotic limits for the full Navier-Stokes-Fourier-Poisson system 2013-4-19 2013-4-19 Qiangchang Ju
  Periods in Physics and Number Theory 2013-4-12 2013-4-12 Philip Candelas
  On Transcendence Theory 2013-3-29 2013-3-29 Jing Yu
  Sarnak's conjecture for distal flows 2013-3-22 2013-3-22 Jianya Liu
  Asymptotic Bounds for Singularities on Algebraic Curves 2013-3-15 2013-3-15 Gert-Martin Greuel

Spring,2013  MSC Distinguished Lecture Series

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Tsinghua University Chia-Chiao Lin Distinguished Lecture 2013-5-28 2013-5-30 Michael Berry
  Tsinghua University Pao-Lu Hsu Distinguished Lecture 2013-5-14 2013-5-16 S.R.Srinivasa Varadhan

Spring,2013  Seminar

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  One day workshop on Nonlinear Differential equations 2013-6-10 2013-6-10 Tao Luo
  Some Applications of Uniform Convexity 2013-6-6 2013-6-6 Eric A. Carlen
  On the conjecture of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer 2013-6-3 2013-6-14 John Coates
  What is GAGA? 2013-4-16 2013-4-16 Pin Yu
  What is 2013-4-12 2013-4-12 Tao Luo
  The Tangent Sequence To Bloch-Gersten-Quillen Sequence Is the Cousin Resolution. 2013-3-27 2013-3-27 Sen Yang
  Compatible systems of l-adic sheaves and the decomposition theorem 2013-3-14 2013-3-14 Shenghao Sun
  Some Topics in Bioinformatics 2013-3-4 2013-3-14 Chenglong Yu

Summer,2013  Course by Members

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Computational Conformal Geometry 2013-7-18 2013-8-29 Jian Sun,Xianfeng David Gu
  Basic Number Theory 2013-7-1 2013-8-21 Tonghai Yang

Summer,2013  Course by Visitors

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Local theory of complex analytic varieties 2013-8-13 2013-9-10 Xiaojun Huang
  Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions of the Laplacian 2013-8-7 2013-8-21 Steve Zelditch
  Variational Partial Differential Equations and Sparse Representation 2013-8-5 2013-9-3 Ye Duan
  Introduction to large scale geometry and hyperbolic manifolds 2013-7-23 2013-8-8 Feng Luo
  Complex Dynamics 2013-7-16 2013-8-8 John Erik Fornaess
  An Introduction to Several Complex Variables 2013-7-16 2013-8-8 Erlend Fornaess Wold
  Kinetic Theory, Mean Field Game and Applications 2013-7-15 2013-8-12 Jian-Guo Liu
  The Unknotting Problem 2013-7-3 2013-7-29 Zhongtao Wu
  Modular Forms, Maass Forms and Automorphic Forms on GL(2); An Introduction 2013-7-2 2013-7-18 Freydoon Shahidi
  Topics on Toric Geometry and Some Moduli Problems 2013-6-25 2013-8-8 Yi Hu
  Computational Algebraic Geometry 2013-6-18 2013-7-16 Hyung-Ju Park
  Solving polynomial systems 2013-6-17 2013-8-14 Tien Yien Li
  A survey of group actions and applications in mathematical sciences 2013-6-17 2013-8-25 Lizhen Ji

Summer,2013  Seminar

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  The complex structure of stable manifolds 2013-8-9 2013-8-9 Han Peters
  Siegel-Weil and Kudlamatching on M2(Q) 2013-7-30 2013-7-30 Tuoping Du
  Introduction to stacks 2013-7-30 2013-7-30 Shenghao Sun
  Bessel functions and Bessel distributions 2013-7-29 2013-7-29 Jingsong Chai
  Group cohomology of surface group in SL(3, R). 2013-7-26 2013-7-26 Genkai Zhang
  Mock-Modular Forms of Weight One 2013-7-25 2013-7-25 Yingkun Li
  Siegel-Weil formula and its regularization 2013-7-24 2013-7-30 Yannan Qiu
  Piecewise Linear Isometric Embeddings: Geometry, Imaging and Beyond 2013-7-15 2013-7-15 Emil Saucan
  Moduli of flat connections and quasi-Poisson geometry 2013-7-12 2013-7-12 Xin Nie
  Geometry of Maurer-Cartan elements on complex manifolds 2013-7-10 2013-7-10 Ping Xu
  Bi-Hermitian metrics on Kato surfaces 2013-7-10 2013-7-10 Massimiliano Pontecorvo
  Multiple change point detection in hazard rates 2013-7-5 2013-7-5 Lianfen Qian
  The microlocal codimension-three conjecture 2013-7-3 2013-7-5 Kari Vilonen
  Computational Theory of Distributed Sensor Networks (Emphasis on Network Design using Single Aggregation Tree) 2013-7-1 2013-7-1 S.S. Iyengar
  Feature Extraction Using Dynamic Sensor Networks 2013-6-28 2013-6-28 S.S. Iyengar
  CAM Day, Computational and Applied Mathematics 2013-6-15 2013-6-15 Ning Su,Hailiang Liu