Winter,2011  Seminar

Winter,2011  MSC Distinguished Lecture Series

Title Start Date End Date Instructor

Autumn,2011  Program

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Open problems on discrete subgroups of Lie groups 2011-12-13 2011-12-16 Lizhen Ji
  Introduction to Generalized Geometry and T-duality 2011-11-21 2011-12-12 David Baraglia
  The Probabilistic method in Combinatorics 2011-11-16 2011-12-30 Linyuan Lincoln Lu
  Geometric Structures in Field and String Theory 2011-11-3 2011-11-29 Murad Alim
  Introduction to Hodge Structures 2011-11-3 2011-12-29 Spencer Bloch
  Topics in Complex Analysis 2011-11-1 2011-11-11 Eric Bedford, John Erik Fornaess, Feng Rong
  Introduction to Noncommutative Geometry 2011-10-24 2011-10-27 Raphael Ponge
  Hyperbolic conservation laws and related topics 2011-10-24 2011-12-30 Tao Luo
  The Monge-Ampere equation 2011-10-12 2011-12-7 Xu-Jia Wang
  Statistical Designs and Inference for Survey Sampling from Finite Population 2011-10-11 2011-11-3 Samad Hedayat
  Introduction to black hole stability 2011-10-10 2011-11-9 Lars Andersson
  Hypergeometric Functions 2011-10-10 2011-11-11 Gert Heckman
  Topics in Riemannian Geometry – Scalar Curvature 2011-9-19 2011-10-12 Richard Schoen
  Extremal Kähler metrics and GIT stability 2011-9-6 2011-9-29 Akito FUTAKI

Autumn,2011  Seminar

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Open Problems in Differential Geometry (11th talk in this seminar series) 2011-11-11 2011-11-11 Shing-Tung Yau
  Algebraic Geometry and Quantum Field Theory 2011-11-11 2011-11-11 Spencer Bloch
  Dynamics of the Complex Henon Map 2011-11-4 2011-11-4 Eric Bedford
  Open Problems in Differential Geometry (10th talk in this seminar series) 2011-11-3 2011-11-3 Shing-Tung Yau
  Recent progress in existence theory for the 3D steady compressible Navier-Stokes equations 2011-10-28 2011-10-28 Song Jiang
  Open Problems in Differential Geometry (9th talk in this seminar series) 2011-10-24 2011-10-24 Shing-Tung Yau
  Optimal transportation 2011-10-21 2011-10-21 Xu-Jia Wang
  Introductory seminar on geometric heat equations 2011-10-20 2011-12-31 Ben Andrews
  Open Problems in Differential Geometry (8th talk in this seminar series) 2011-10-20 2011-10-20 Shing-Tung Yau
  The black hole stability problem 2011-10-14 2011-10-14 Lars Andersson
  Open Problems in Differential Geometry (7th talk in this seminar series) 2011-10-13 2011-10-13 Shing-Tung Yau
  geometric imaging and computation 2011-10-12 2011-12-31 Jian Sun
  Student arithmetic algebraic geometry seminar [ Abstract on Dec. 30 ] 2011-9-30 2011-12-31 Shenghao Sun
  Vanishing viscosity method for an optimal control problem of hyperbolic conservation laws in the presence of shocks 2011-9-27 2011-9-27 Yaobin Ou
  Incompressible Limit of the non-isentropic Navier-Stokes Equations 2011-9-27 2011-9-27 Yaobin Ou
  Lower diameter bound for compact shrinking Ricci solitons 2011-9-23 2011-9-23 Akito FUTAKI
  Fluids Interface Problems 2011-9-22 2011-12-30 Ning Jiang, Tao Luo and Pin Yu
  Open Problems in Differential Geometry 2011-9-21 2011-9-21 Shing-Tung Yau
  Kontsevich-Zorich strata for small genera 2011-9-16 2011-9-16 Eduard Looijenga

Autumn,2011  MSC Distinguished Lecture Series

Summer,2011  Seminar

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Open Problems in Differential Geometry 2011-8-29 2011-8-29 Shing-Tung Yau
  Optimal Transportion, Gradient Flows and Geometry 2011-8-9 2011-8-9 Karl-Theodor Sturm
  Spectral inequalities for Partial Differential Equations and their applications 2011-8-2 2011-8-2 Ari Laptev
  Geometric heat flows and the sphere theorem 2011-8-2 2011-8-2 Ben Andrews
  漫谈Fourier 分析及其在偏微分方程中的应用 2011-7-26 2011-7-26 Ping Zhang
  MR Cystography for Evaluation of the Entire Bladder 2011-7-25 2011-7-25 Jerome Zhengrong Liang
  From optimal transport to fully nonlinear PDE to regularity to nonsmooth geometry 2011-7-22 2011-7-22 Cedric Villani
  Optimal transport, from economics to physics to geometry 2011-7-21 2011-7-21 Cedric Villani
  Landau damping 2011-7-20 2011-7-20 Cedric Villani
  The Inaugural Luo-keng Hua Distinguished Lecture The law of unreason: Boltzmann 2011-7-19 2011-7-19 Cedric Villani
  Structure-Preserving Algorithms for Palindromic Quadratic Eigenvalue Problems 2011-7-12 2011-7-12 Wen-Wei Lin
  Taming of Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds 2011-7-12 2011-7-12 David Gabai
  3D face analysis and recognition 2011-7-12 2011-7-12 Liming Chen
  Research seminar--Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry 2011-6-30 2011-8-4 Tonghai Yang
  Geometric Imaging Seminar 2011-6-23 2011-8-4 Jian Sun
  Wave equations associated to Liouville systems and constant mean curvature equation 2011-6-23 2011-6-23 Po Lam Yung
  The Spine of a Surface Quasi-Geostrophic Equation 2011-6-23 2011-6-23 Garving K. Luli
  Topology and Dynamics of Boolean Networks 2011-6-22 2011-6-22 Yongwu Rong
  Some Thoughts of A Good Student 2011-6-9 2011-6-9 Victor Kac
  On the blow-up problem in the 3D Euler equations 2011-6-9 2011-6-9 Dongho Chae

Summer,2011  MSC Distinguished Lecture Series

Summer,2011  Literature in Mathematics Lecture Series

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Introduction to Ngo’s work and fundamental lemma II (canceled) 2011-8-18 2011-8-18 Xinwen Zhu
  Introduction to Ngo’s work and fundamental lemma 2011-8-11 2011-8-11 Xinwen Zhu
  Weil conjecture and Deligne’s theorem 2011-8-4 2011-8-4 Yichao Tian (Princeton U., and Math. Inst. And MCM of CAS) and/or Weizhe Zheng (Columbia U. and Math. Inst. And MCM of CAS)
  Mordell Conjecture and Faltings’ theorem 2011-7-21 2011-7-21 Huayi Chen
  Introduction to the Riemann hypothesis and its grand generalizations 2011-7-14 2011-7-14 Jianya Liu
  Introduction to Gross-Zagier-Zhang formula 2011-7-7 2011-7-7 Ye Tian
  From Diophantine Geometry to Dynamical Systems 2011-6-30 2011-6-30 Antoine Chambert-Loir

Summer,2011  Topology, Geometry and Analysis

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Introduction to Optimal Transport and Geometry of Metric Measure Spaces 2011-8-3 2011-8-24 Karl-Theodor Sturm
  Functional and Spectral Inequalities 2011-8-2 2011-8-18 Ari Laptev (Royal Institute of Technology), Rupert Frank (Princeton University), Timo Weidl (University of Stuttgart)
  Discrete subgroups of Lie groups and discrete transformation groups 2011-7-19 2011-8-16 Lizhen Ji
  Symplectic Geometry and its birational aspects 2011-7-6 2011-7-29 Tianjun Li
  From Morse theory to Floer theory 2011-7-4 2011-7-29 Wei-dong Ruan
  Topics in Kahler Geometry 2011-6-27 2011-8-18 Valentino Tosatti
  Tameness of hyperbolic 3-manifolds 2011-6-24 2011-7-13 David Gabai
  Mathematical Theory for Kinetic Equations 2011-5-9 2011-8-8 Jianguo Liu (Duke University) and Ning Jiang (MSC, Tsinghua University)

Summer,2011  Geometric Imaging and Computation

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Topics in discrete geometry and computational geometry 2011-7-27 2011-8-19 Ren Guo
  Mathematical Foundation for Learning and Information: An Invitation 2011-7-26 2011-8-18 Jun Zhang
  Topics in Computational Geometry and Applications in Computer Networking 2011-7-19 2011-8-11 Jie Gao
  Variational Partial Differential Equations and Applications in Visual Computing 2011-7-6 2011-8-26 Ye Duan
  Discrete Differential Geometry and Conformal Geometry 2011-7-6 2011-8-26 David Xianfeng Gu (State University of New York at Stony Brook) and Jian Sun (Tsinghua University)
  Discrete Conformal Geometry via Circle Packing 2011-6-20 2011-7-1 Ken Stephenson
  Introduction to Riemann surfaces and Teichmuller theory 2011-6-14 2011-7-14 Feng Luo

Summer,2011  Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Automorphic Forms 2011-7-25 2011-8-17 Dihua Jiang
  Representations of real reductive groups 2011-7-6 2011-8-12 Hongyu He (Louisiana State University) and Binyong Sun (Institute of Mathematics, CAS)
  Basic Algebraic Geometry 2011-6-27 2011-8-26 Xinwen Zhu (Harvard University) and Professor Weizhe Zheng (Columbia University)
  Basic Number Theory 2011-6-27 2011-8-26 Yichao Tian
  Topics in Arakelov Theory 2011-5-25 2011-8-26 Huayi Chen (Institut de Mathematiques de Jussieu, Paris) and Professor Xinyi Yuan (Harvard University)
  Introduction to Euler systems 2011-5-19 2011-6-29 Liang Xiao (University of Chicago) and Professor Wei Zhang (Harvard University)

Spring,2011  Course

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Selected topics on Hamilton's Ricci flow 2011-6-3 2011-6-24 Huai-Dong Cao
  Maximal Functions and Their Applications Part 1 2011-6-2 2011-7-7 Kevin Luli (Yale University) & Po Lam Yang (Rutgers University)
  Introduction to Financial Mathematics 2011-5-25 2011-6-22 Ying Jiao
  Vertex algebras and Poisson vertex algebras with applications to Hamiltonian integrable systems 2011-5-18 2011-6-29 Victor Kac (MIT) and Alberto De Sole (University of Rome)
  Introduction to Deformation of Complex Structures 2011-5-11 2011-6-3 Xiaofeng Sun
  Asymptotic methods for differential equations 2011-5-11 2011-5-27 Craig Evans
  Stochastic and deterministic optimal control theory 2011-5-10 2011-5-26 Craig Evans
  Theta functions, old and new 2011-4-7 2011-4-28 Arnaud Beauville
  Geometric Flow 2011-3-24 2011-6-17 Richard Hamilton
  Mathematical Problems of Black Holes and Gravitational Waves 2011-3-18 2011-4-15 Demetrios Christodoulou

Spring,2011  Seminar