Click here to download a full schedule table, and below are general schedule and schedule of each theme.
General    Vision    Geometric Analysis    Representation Theory      Planar Statistical Models

General Schedule

Jan 4, 2013, Friday Afternoon

Venue: Lobby, Howard Johnson

13:00-18:00             Arrival and registration

19:00-21:00             Arrival and registration

18:30-19:30            Dinner (Four Seasons Cafe)

Jan 5, 2013, Saturday

Venue: Guan Chao B+C

08:00-08:15             Opening

08:30-09:30             Title: Minimal submanifolds in differential geometry

                               Richard Schoen, Stanford University

      Tea                    (Outside of Guan Chao B+C)

09:45-10:45             Title: Harmonic analysis on Lie groups

                                 Wilfried Schmid, Harvard University

11:00-12:00             Title: Discrete complex analysis and probability

                                 Stanislav Smirnov, Université de Genève

12:00-13:30             Lunch (Four Seasons Cafe)

13:30-18:15             Vision Workshop (Guan Chao C)

                                 Geometric Analysis Workshop (Ting Tao C)

                                 Geometric Methods in Representation Theory and Number Theory Workshop (Ting Tao B)

                                 Planar Statistical Models Workshop (Guan Chao B)

18:30-19:30             Dinner (Four Seasons Cafe)

20:00-21:00             Title: The Partnership of Pure and Applied Mathematics

                                 David Mumford, Brown University

Jan 6, 2013, Sunday

Venue: Guan Chao B+C

18:30-19:30              Dinner (Four seasons Cafe

20:00-21:00               Title:  Geometry: from Riemann to Einstein and onto String Theory

                                   Shing-Tung Yau, Harvard University

Jan 7, 2013, Monday Afternoon


Option1: Nanshan Temple & The Tourist Area of Tian-Ya-Hai-Jiao

Option2: Bin Lang Gu, The Li And Miao Ecological Cultural Tourism Area of Ganza Ridge Areca Valley

Please gather in the hotel lobby at 13:50 pm. The shuttle departs at 14:00 pm.

You are invited to participate. Please choose your preference during registration.

18:30-19:30               Dinner (Outdoor barbecue, Caribbean Sea)

Jan 9, 2013, Wednesday, Departure

12:00-13:30               Lunch (Four Seasons Cafe)

For detailed arrangement of four workshops, please refer to the following program schedule.