Synopsis and Organizers

Geometric analysis employs tools from nonlinear PDE and analysis to study a broad spectrum of geometric objects.

In the past decades, several most celebrated problems and conjectures in geometry, topology, and general relativity, were solved by the method of geometric analysis.

The "master" of this workshop, Professor Rick Schoen, has tremendous impacts on the field through his original research, collaborations, and supervisions of graduate students and post-docs. The workshop will focus on areas close to Professor Schoen's research, such as minimal surfaces, general relativity, and conformal geometry.

The aim is to bring together experts on various aspects to discuss the most current devolopement of the field.

We also hope and expect the stimulating enviroment will foster interactions among working researchers and the younger generation.


Richard SchoenStanford University
Mu-Tao WangColumbia University
Yng-Ing LeeNational Taiwan University