The Fourth Conference
of Tsinghua Sanya International Mathematics Forum (TSIMF)

Grand Opening and Master Lectures on Mathematics

18-22 December, 2013

Tsinghua Sanya International Mathematics Forum (TSIMF), located at Sanya, China, is intended to become a world-class international conference center holding workshops and international conferences in mathematics all year long. It is the first of this type in Asia. Under the strong support of Tsinghua University, Hainan Provincial Government, and Sanya City Government, the construction of the buildings and facilities will be completed and ready for use before September 2013.

TSIMF's buildings and facilities are built on a 140-acre land located at Phoenix Hill of Phoenix Township of Sanya City. It is surrounded by pristine environment. The total square footage of all the facilities is over 28,000 square meter that includes state-of the art conference facilities (over 9,000 square meter) to hold two international workshops simultaneously, a large library, a guest house with 200 large guest rooms and the associated catering facilities, an Olympic size swimming pool, two tennis courts and other recreational facilities.

The Fourth Conference of TSIMF will be held from 18 December 2013 to 19 December 2013 for the dedication of all the buildings and facilities.

The Master Lectures on Mathematics for 2013 will be held from December 20-22, 2013, immediately following the grand opening of the TSIMF facility. TSIMF will provide a unique platform for mathematicians from the broad areas of mathematical sciences to exchange ideas and to nurture and to educate the younger generation. The master lecturers this year will be delivered by Joseph Bernstein, Bảo-Châu Ngô, Yakov G. Sinai, and Clifford Taubes. As an extension of a lecture series of each master, there is a workshop consisting of expert speakers from around the world. In addition, to facilitate interaction among mathematicians and physicists, the TSIMF will host a workshop in the same period of time on Topological Materials. Principal speakers include Shoucheng Zhang, Qikun Xue and Dan Freed.