Pin Yu


Pin Yu obtained the Ph.D. from the department on mathematics of Princeton University under the direction of Sergiu Klainerman and Igor Rodnianski. He got the bachelor degree from Peking University in China and master degree from Ecole Polytechnique in France.



Pin Yu's main area of interest is in partial differential equations and their interactions with geometry and physics. His research is mainly done in the applications of partial differential equations in general relativity. In his thesis, he studied the black hole rigidity problems and gave a non-existence of multiple black holes result for stationary space-time. His recent work gives a rigiourous mathematical formulation of the dynamical formation of black holes due to the condensation of matter.



Publication list


1. On Hawking’s local rigidity theorem for charged black holes, arXiv:0903.4723, submitted.
2. On strong unique continuation of coupled Einstein metrics, with W. W-Y. Wong, arXiv:0904.0465, submitted.
3. On Perturbative Rigidity of Charged Black Holes: Non-Existence of Mutiple Black Holes, with W.W-Y. Wong, preprint.
4. On the Uniqueness of Kerr-Newman Black Holes under small perturbations, with W. W-Y. Wong, preprint.
5. On the Formation of Charged Black holes, in preparation.