Zuoqiang Shi

Professor Zuoqiang Shi got his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at Zhou Pei-Yuan Center for Applied Mathematics, Tsinghua University in 2008 under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Y. Hou. He received his B.S. in Mathematics at Tsinghua University in 2003. He was a postdoctoral Scholar in Applied & Computational Mathematics at Caltech. His research interests focus on nonlinear and non-stationary data analysis, singularity problems in fluid mechanics, numerical analysis and computation of Immersed Boundary Method, nonlinear wave phenomena in periodic media. His publication appears in Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, Journal of Computational Physics,  Advances in Mathematics, Physical Review A, Physical Review E etc. He gave invited talk at regional AMS meeting 2010. Dr. Shi has been an associate professor of MSC since 2011.