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Prof. Linyuan Lu's course on Probabilistic Method in Combinatorics begins Nov. 16 [2011.11.18]
Prof. Spencer Bloch has arrived at MSC for his course on Introduction to Hodge Structures [2011.11.09]
Mini-course on Topics in Complex Analysis would be taught by three professors [2011.11.02]
Course by Dr. Murad Alim from the Physics Department of Harvard begins Nov. 3 [2011.11.02]
Thursday Evening Course on Hyperbolic conservation laws and related topics (Oct. 24- Dec. 30) [2011.11.02]
Prof. Raphaël Ponge's course on Introduction to Noncommutative Geometry (Oct. 24-28) [2011.10.28]
Photos of 2011 Fall Program [2011.10.20]
Prof. Lars Andersson from Albert Einstein Institute is visiting MSC [2011.10.14]
科学时报:越南数学家吴宝珠荣获今年菲尔兹奖 [2011.10.11]
New Course on Hypergeometric Functions Beginning Oct. 10 [2011.10.11]
Prof. Xujia Wang's 8-week mini-course begins on Oct. 12 [2011.10.11]
Distinguished Professor Hedayat from UIC would teach in MSC this October [2011.10.11]
Issue 3 of MSC Newsletter [2011.10.10]
Richard Schoen will give a 3-lecture series and a mini-course beginning in middle Sept. [2011.10.10]
Prof John Erik Fornaess of University of Michigan has committed to join the MSC full time [2011.10.10]
9月22日丘成桐先生讲座----求玄赏美 - 我的数学人生 [2011.09.19]
Schedule of Tsinghua University Graduate Courses [2011.09.07]
2011-2012年度研究生招生工作即将展开[ Updated ] [2011.09.05]
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