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About Mathematical Sciences Center


Tsinghua has been one of the leading universities in China. It is internationally well known for its extremely strong engineering and applied sciences programs. Tsinghua University also recognizes the fundamental and strategic role mathematics play in its science program as well as for the advancement of knowledge of mankind. Therefore, Tsinghua University will commit very significant resources over a long period of time to its mathematics program.


The Mathematical Sciences Center (MSC) of the Tsinghua University is established in December 2009. Its augural director is Prof Shing-Tung Yau. The goals of the Center are to train the next generation of mathematics leaders. While its programs will primarily serve Tsinghua’s students, lots of its programs and courses are open to students outside Tsinghua and outside China.


The Center will recruit highly accomplished mathematicians to be in residence to lead their respective research and training programs. It welcomes mathematicians of every career stage to visit for an extended period of time to establish collaborative research and training efforts. It will also provide ample opportunities for junior members of the mathematics community to develop their full potentials.


In less than two years, the MSC secures over ten permanent full-time members. With its rigorous recruitment effort and mentoring effort, we are now developing this center to be a premier research and educational center at international level.



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