Guideline for Visitors of the YMSC


  1. 1. This guideline is applicable to all non-salary or non-contracted visitors, disregarding their duration of visits.
  2. 2. It is the visitor’s responsibility, unless specifically mentioned in the invitation letter, to find their own accommodation and paying all charges (including cancellation or late arrival charges) during their visit. Our staff are happy to assist you with reserving accommodate in or near the campus.
  3. 3. All visitors are suggested to purchase their own insurance since no medical or other insurance coverage will be arranged for the visitors by the Center.
  4. 4. All reimbursement and payment due to the center are in Chinese currency. Visitors should use their personal exchange quota to exchange for foreign currency, if needed.
  5. 5. All visitors with stipends are expected to be in residence full time during their stated period of visits, and participate in the research and education activities of the Center.
  6. 6. All stipends are subjected to tax.
  7. 7. All visitors with stipends of more than one month are subjected to Tsinghua’s rule on “Leave of Absence”.
  8. 8. All leaves from stated period of visits are subjected to prorated reduction.
  9. 9. The Center is not responsible for the visitors’ expenses other than those stated explicitly on its offer. (E.g. mailing, travel to conference, visitor’s visitors).
  10. 10. All visitors with stipends and university housing are expected to pay rents, fees and utilities in an amount determined by university administration.
  11. 11. A written report should be submitted to the Center at the end of their visits. A standard report form can be obtained from our secretary and online.
  12. 12. Courses at Tsinghua University are routinely subjected to students’ evaluation.
  13. 13. Acknowledgement of the Center should be made for all research outputs, including publications, preprints, and presentations. A copy should be sent to the Center for its record.
  14. 14. If a visitor gives a talk during his residence at the Center, but outside Tsinghua, the visitor should acknowledge the center as a visiting professor of YMSC during his talk.


If you accept the invitation, please return the following reply skip with your signature. 

Reply slips 


Application form for leave of absence 


Visitor report form