Fourth (Sept 28, 2010)

Fourth Announcement of ICCM 2010: ICCM Practical Matters, New Event at San Ya and New World Math Awards

Dear Colleagues,

The ICCM 2010 will be held in Beijing on December 2010. Morningside Medals of Mathematics and Chern Prize will be presented at the opening ceremony on December 17 in the Great Hall of the People. Plenary lectures and talks will take place on the campus of Tsinghua University from December 18 to December 22. While on Tsinghua campus, ICCM will provide lunch for all registered participants. There are no registration fees. Below are deadlines for various applications.


October 15: Get a hotel room at a preferred rate.

November 1: Submit an application to present a contribute talk or poster.

December 1: Registration for the Opening Ceremony in the Great Hall.

December 10: General Registration.

For details, visit ICCM websites

To register, visit our website and use the “Welcome!” box on the right of this website.

New Event: From December 23 to December 26, the inauguration conference of the Tsinghua International Mathematics Forum will take place in San Ya, Hainan Province of China. You are invited to participate. For details, visit its website

This announcement is also the last call for nominating your Chinese students (PhD, Master, Undergraduates) for the New World Mathematics Awards 2010.