Arrival Information

Beijing’s local traffic is served by an extensive subway system ( Its surface traffic is typically very busy, and features the Forbidden City as the center of the five concentric ring roads. For detailed information of Beijing, go to

The Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) is located in the northeast side of the city of Beijing, outside the fifth ring road. Its website is ( It is well served by a full range of public transportation. For international travelers with luggage, taxi is a reasonably priced option when compared with other international hubs.

Tsinghua University ( is located at the northwest corner of the fourth ring road. In good driving condition, a taxi ride between the Capital airport and hotels in the vicinity of Tsinghua University is about 40 minutes, and costs less than RMB150.

A taxi ride to hotels in the heart of the capital (e.g. Beijing Hotel will cost considerably more and will vary due to traffic condition.

The Mathematical Sciences Center and the Mathematical Sciences Department of Tsinghua University are located in the New Sciences Building(理科楼), which is within two minutes walk from the “Northwest Gate” of the campus. For details, consult the campus map.